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ZetaTalk: Proof
Note: written during the August 10, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

In 1995, when ZetaTalk began, we stated that weather changes, increasing earthquakes, and an almost imperceptible slowing of the Earth were signs the passage was approaching. As the Weather in those days was debatable, although showing up in charts done by dedicated Troubled Times members during the years leading up to the Year 2000, and Earthquakes likewise have been blurred by underreporting of quake magnitude and incidence, the slowing rotation is a sure sign. During this past year, on sci.astro debates and ensuing research, it became evident to those looking for evidence that the US Navy was well aware, in some circles, that the Earth would be slowing, and had planned to blur this from public view as early as 1994. This is well documented in the Slowing TOPIC of Troubled Times, where the Moon cycles were pre-adjusted so that calendars reporting Moon phases would not allow the public to become aware that the Earth was moving more slowly, in relationship to the Earth, than before. These graphs, of the Navy's hand, is proof that the elite, in power, in the US and other areas where atomic clocks are maintained, knew that this would occur. Few hands were in this, and the Navy maintains the master clock by which all sync, so this conspiracy was doable.

In these days, the signs that the passage is approaching are many, more than were listed by ourselves in 1995. If one looks to the behavior of the Bush Administration and their cronies, as an example, one can see an almost careless disregard for the future. Supposedly the weather is caused by Global Warming, but they care less about reducing pollution in the nation most creating this pollution. Clearly the Stock Market is teetering, inflated with hot air and false reports, but they still espouse letting the little man put his Social Security funds into the market. This allows the rich to run off with funds and maintain their status longer, but in future years would doom the Republican party! They clearly think there will be no future elections. Beyond the geological changes, political actions and the actions of those in power are showing you that the passage is imminent. This will soon be replaced by the most convincing evidence, a moving reddish object in the skies, which will have faint explanation that stands before a questioning mind.

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