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ZetaTalk: Culture Differences
Note: written Aug 15, 1995.

Human cultures have much in common with other 3rd Density hominoid cultures, but have less in common, as one would expect, with 3rd Density cultures where the intelligent life form is amphibious, lays eggs, has no limbs, or flies. Culture is a factor of the concerns of the life form, and of the environment the life form finds itself in. For instance, on a planet with little water and searing sun at midday, it would be an unthinkable crime to bar one's door to a stranger needing shelter. An open door philosophy would become part of the culture, else the struggling members find themselves decimated due to being fried, literally, due to lack of civility. Because humans have evolved on a world with large carnivores, human cultures are notable, through not unique, for violent tendencies. You kill, maim, and brutalize each other to a degree which would never even be imagined on other 3rd Density worlds, and think not much of it. This violence, and it's acceptance, creeps through your culture, so that teachers punishing small children with a slap, or fist fights among small boys, are considered normal. During future galactic encounters, this will be put into a different perspective.

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