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ZetaTalk: Border Conflicts
Note: written during the Jul 6, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Current conflicts around the world, such as the Arab/Israeli or India/Pakistani conflicts, long standing and based on religion or jealousy or lust for a neighbor's assets, will not go away in the year prior to the shift, but will continue. The difference is that fewer and fewer resources can be allocated to such conflicts. Starvation is increasingly affecting populations, and crashing economies will do likewise. Thus, we predict an essential standstill, for such conflicts, unless catastrophes such as floods or quakes create an opportunity for one party to push against another. Giants in isolation, such as China, will likewise not reduce their isolation, as they control panic or movement in their populace by restricting information. As they become more insecure, they tighten the noose, a common tactic. We have predicted that countries will get more isolationist, more focused internally, while at the same time rattling sabers so as to distract their populace.

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