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ZetaTalk: Catholic Church
Note: written during the Jul 6, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The Catholic Church, long in the know about the possibility of the passage, has also been making their plans. The Fatima warnings, which they have withheld from their flocks, combined with confessions by high level Catholics which were relayed to the Pope, have convinced the inner circle around the Pope that this is a likely scenario. They have two choices, to:

  1. inform their flocks and go through the distress with their flocks, and
  2. to save their own skins and emerge as leaders of those left living.

They have clearly chosen the latter, in that they announced the Fatima warning as a planned assassination of the Pope, and are willing to risk the loss of membership in the scandals surrounding the priesthood lately, in preference to closing the inner circle. Cleansing the church, at this time, would remove too many of the inner circle needed for a tight cover-up into the end times. Thus, pedophiles are protected, and victims paid off, as the higher priority is saving the skins of the inner circle. They will not do this in Rome, likely to be a mess of volcanic ash, but will move to a site as yet undecided. Likely sites are Africa, in places where the church has dominated the local folk, or South America, in countries where they feel an allegiance with the government. Their expectations that they will be leaders in the future is of course absurd, but arrogance seldom is realistic. They will be on the streets, with those of their flock they have abandoned, no better off, and not at all able to deal with the situation. Thus, an ignominious end, to an ignominious life.

The Catholic Church is unique in knowledge due to the grip of fear they place around those born into the religion. Confession, without which the poor souls are told they will burn in hell, is mandatory. Those who state that confessions are confidential are lying, as information deemed important to the Pope, to the inner circle, to maintaining the wealth of the Catholic church, is passed on. Corporate heads, government heads, in confession, are deemed thus, and get confession by special priests in many cases. Other religions do not have such information inroads. Given the information the Catholic Church gained, who said what when, they then had blackmail to learn more, and did gain the information they sought. Those giving them the information had their confidence, as they had mutual goals:

  1. maintain the wealth,
  2. maintain control and leadership,
  3. save their own sorry skins before those they are responsible for, such as the flock or the public in the case of governments.
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