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ZetaTalk: Russia
Note: written during the Jul 6, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Russian, as the US, has been in the know since the early days of MJ12, being a partner in space, and brought into the fold long before the end of the Cold War. Being in space, first, with Sputnik, and Mir, they of course saw space ships and were well aware of the alien presence many decades ago, without doubt. Thus, they were conferred with, and even though enemies on the ground, in economic circles, and in culture clashes, at the highest levels they conferred. They could, should they wish to embarrass Bush, reveal much, but in doing so they would open their own cultures and economies to panic, thus they stay their hands in this regard. They have been watching Planet X, in their observatories, with their satellites, and as with NASA and the Pope, seeing our predictions re its path and speed of approach actualizing.

Thus, they have made their plans too, for a bunker government, a carry-on government. It is no secret that the Urals will remain well above water, and has been a site of intellectual and scientific personnel for some decades. It is no secret that members of the Russian government are moving there, increasingly, stocking supplies there, and all this without explanation to the public, as with Kokomo Indiana in the US. If pressed, they would simply give some muttered excuse about atomic bombs, or terrorism, or contingencies, all of which sound reasonable.The Urals are inland, for Russian, above flooding, and since it has become the site of many enterprises in the recent past, a logical place to increase such activity.

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