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ZetaTalk: Worldcom
Note: written during the Jun 29, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Worldcom was an assisted disaster, as others have been since Enron and will be in the future. Given the exposure, to means and methods, that the Enron collapse reported, why would any company hiding debt wait to be discovered? They would shred, intimidate, fire and eliminate witnesses, merrily! In spite of the warnings, as to what would be looked at and by whom, they were discovered. Worldcom indeed had the same auditing company, but this was not the means of their discovery. Do you have an accountant, in hand, willing to cooperate with the authorities, on Worldcom? How then did Worldcom meet its demise? Once again, internal memos, intended only for a select few, made their way out the door.

Shuffled in among papers leaving the building, perhaps left in the copy machine, perhaps in the printer, perhaps printed in error and routed incorrectly, all is unknown! But the means was not something the Worldcom conspirators did, by accident or oversight. The means was assisted by we, the Zetas, an allowed interference granted by the Council of Worlds, to balance choices during this Transformation time in the US. The Bush Administration stole the White House, and would rule the world, but are being countered by means they cannot counter. All falling into the hands of an employee with integrity, who discovered this among her work taken home, and duly reported it to those she know would act upon it.

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