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ZetaTalk: Enron
Note: written during the Jun 8, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Enron, in the US, collapsed with a mere e-mail made available to an investor, denied the truth. This email was supposed to be deleted, but was sent instead! A human error assisted by humans assisted by we, the Zetas. Likewise, the bloated underbelly of corporate interests worldwide are being sliced open, the spilled guts stinking and displayed for all to see. Enron buried debt, but most corporate interests do far more than that in their desire for more, more, and the other guy be damned! They bribe, they lie, the auditors hardly that, politicians in pockets and the media diverted with playgirls and threats. The story far more fascinating than any Hollywood could conjure. Thus, look for more exposes in all countries, of corruption, of power mongering, with the result that those who though they had the world by the tail will be on the run, with nowhere to hide.

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