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ZetaTalk: Bunker Mentality
Note: written during the Jun 8, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Hunkering down is a response the elite will use to defend themselves, as they lose control. Where previously used to walking openly, smug, about on the streets, going onto any stage, with confidence that anyone challenging them would be threatened, they will reveal a different face going into the shift.

How do they react? With temper tantrums? This has been tried, to no avail, and has become humiliating. With threats? These are ignored now, and if attempted to implement, often come back onto the implemented, the elite themselves. They wish their enemy to be bankrupt, and find themselves exposed to lawsuits galore. They wish their enemy to become sick, infected by an assassin with a needle, and find themselves running a fever, with the doctor puzzled as to the cause! As we have predicted, they will move increasingly to circle the wagons, going into their enclaves, guarded by the military or militia. Wealthy neighborhoods now have such guards and restrictions, and this will become the mode, all around. No comment. Secret meetings. Agreement not on paper. Explained as the need to protect during terrorism, or the need to protect politicians from assassins, as Israel had in recent years. Or the need to control a starving public, given to mobbing the weary workers trying to get things back on track. Anything but the truth, which the public, freed increasingly to talk among themselves, will spread.

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