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ZetaTalk: Expose's
Note: written during the Jun 8, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The worm has turned in the US, and this trend will continue throughout the world. In the decades and years past, the elite, those who used bully tactics on the underclasses, who used wealth to buy a lifestyle living on top of others, and who manipulated others through lies, lived high and well. As we have stated, the Transformation is now, and the Council of Worlds and all the spirits in attendance during the Earth's Transformation are not waiting for a pole shift to begin their work. When did the Transformation begin? When the Earth was polled for its vote, just barely ahead of the time of Roswell, this set the stage for the Transformation. When the poll was in, a true vote where every incarnating soul on Earth had equal weight, the Transformation began. The sides had already squared off, with the Service-to-Self forces determined to win Africa and South America for their temporary residence, to reap souls for the Service-to-Self orientation. As we have announced, the battle in South America has already been won, and Africa is falling away from the Service-to-Self clutches.

So how is this Transformation progress manifesting, throughout the world? Democracies are on the increase, over the past 50 years. The Green Movement is on the increase, worldwide, in its influence and membership. And where little noticed in countries with severe media repression, the truth is increasingly out there. Where are these countries, that repress? We have stated that Muslim countries are very repressive in this manner, but the US and China and Indonesia are not that different. Repression is not simply denying information access, it is manipulating the content. In China and in Muslim countries, access to the internet is restricted or denied. In Indonesia, civil penalties for slight infractions cause the populace to live in fear. In the US, the major media is so controlled that the public is not aware of issue, or told a slanted version. All these have the effect of restricting truth, as where the citizen is afraid to talk to a neighbor, or is confused by what they are hearing but cannot investigate as no material exists explaining the issues, all is the same.

What has changed in the year going into the shift? The power of the truth, in its simplicity, is on stage these days. Look at how the accounting practices of Enron and Worldcom and other corporations were exposed, recently. What is behind his? The Transformation, which increasingly is the Service-to-Other outlook that mankind should be empowered with the truth, allowed to make their own decisions, and not controlled by others inordinately. Each human wishing this is giving The Call, and each is being answered as to what they can and might be inclined to do. Thus, human desire, and the assistance of spirits in attendance during the Transformation, are at the helm here. This is something the elite cannot control, and thus the look of great fear in their eyes these days.

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