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ZetaTalk: Cultural Exchange
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Whenever one encounters a new culture, there is interchange, whether this is consciously done or not. Have humans absorbed culture from Zetas and the other way around? Of course! One effect of cultural exchange we have noted in humans is in attitudes toward priorities, what is important to hold to first and foremost. Human priorities in our contactees usually take a shift toward greater ecology concerns and a sense of caring for the larger family of man. And how have humans influenced us? Primarily in the area of allowance for emotion. Emotion in humans is very gripping - strong grief, protective instincts, desire to reach out and comfort. When a human moves to place themselves in danger to protect another, it is without thought, an absolute act of sacrifice quickly and unhesitatingly done. We admire that, as our acts of sacrifice can be just as devastating to the self, but take more deliberation.

Have there been any particular humans who have influenced us most? We will name a few well known to mankind, else our statements will be meaningless to the reader, though greater influence has come from those little know to the populace - our good hearted contactees working quietly behind the scenes. Abraham Lincoln, who anguished and deliberated over mankind's acts, yet engaged the political arena fully to right these wrongs. He took action to help others in the face of stiff opposition. Dr. Jonas Salk, who discovered the Salk vaccine against polio, for his determination and fortitude to alleviate the suffering among others that he himself had suffered. Little known is that he experienced a form of polio in his youth, and knew its terror. He was tenacious in his resolve to help others. Albert Schweitzer, for his reverence for life and the method he used to relay this philosophy to others. He lived his philosophy, walked the talk as they say, though this made his life a hardship throughout. These examples all show how strong emotion can be harnessed for good, and it is this characteristic that has impressed and influenced us.

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