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ZetaTalk: Repressive Regimes
Note: written May 15, 2002

When it becomes apparent to the hands of power in countries currently ruling with repression that violent earth changes are close at hand, they will do more than simply suppress news of coming changes and seek a timely escape to safe places for themselves, they will also prevent escape for their populace to the extent this disrupts their own plans. The regimes likely to take these steps, and their responses and reasons for taking these steps, vary:

Indonesia has been much in the news in past years for its severe repression, to the point of brutal slaughter, of its populace. East Timor has only recently won the right as a country, not in Indonesia to be free of utter brutality at the hands of the Indonesian military. The rules of war, where a country to be invaded is treated as a combatant and civilians treated under different rules than combatants were not even considered. Genocide, of the weak and helpless first, was the rule. How will such a dictatorship, with such a military in command, react when it becomes evident that Earth changes in keeping with our predictions are eminent? The wealthy and powerful will have already lined up an escape to safer lands, or will already be there. As we have predicted this will be toward Australia, to the degree that this country allows such immigration, and in that Australia is already putting up blocks to immigration by the common man, it can be expected that a quid pro quo will be asked of the Indonesian elite - you may enter, but only if you block the human tide expected to follow you. Thus, in Indonesia, the populace will be locked from boats in the harbors, blocked from airports, and even blocked from escape into their highlands! The goal will be to not only prevent the populace from invading Australia, but to create as massive a dieoff as possible, so that survivors do not go afloat in boats and land on the shores of Australia as flotsam, afterwards. Soldiers unaware of what is coming can be expected to comply with these orders, but when it becomes apparent, such as during the rotation stoppage, that they will be impacted likewise, they will leave their posts and join the masses seeking escape of some kind.
Currently under the brutal dictatorship of Saddam Hussain, well known for his tendencies to allow his entire populace to suffer under starvation and preventable health problems in order to play cards that would lift his stature even an inch, Iraq can expect more of the same as the time of the shift approaches. In that Iraq is landlocked, no escape for the suffering populace is possible unless passage through another country is allowed. Saddam will gauge his chances as the time gets near, and seeing the discombobulation in the leadership of other countries, will attempt, we predict, to extend his dominion by inciting his starving populace to invade neighboring countries. He is unlikely to move his palace, or migrate elsewhere where he personally would be more vulnerable. When the shift hits, he like others will be stunned at the extent of damage, and being unable to feed his militia, will find himself hiding, in his own country, pretending to be a commoner, and fearing discovery by the majority of his populace, who would relish the opportunity for vengeance.
Noted for its brutal repression of democratic sentiment during the Pinochet era, where citizens were kidnapped and tortured for the mere offense of thinking about fair play or appearing likely to even have such thoughts, Chile has not made much progress in the intervening years. The military, the guilty, are still protected, forgiven by a court system in sympathy with past oppression and new governance fearful of a return to these times when the strong arm ruled without restraint. Many Nazi escaped to South America when WW II turned the tide for them, and this tenor of elitism still reigns in the halls of power in there, though not openly expressed. One can see the role Chile will play in Margaret Thacher’s forgiveness of Pinochet when he was captured while in Europe for heath care. As we have mentioned, the elite in Britain plan to vacate their country, going to Australia, prior to the shift, but a card that might be played is an exodus to Chile, and thus she was carefully retaining her options. These countries will find bridges and transportation broken utterly, after the shift, all on foot or horseback and not able to travel far. Thus, the elite will soon find themselves starving, but unable to raid more than the immediate area. This will create infighting, as we have described, with the strong and brutal toying with and eliminating those whothought they were in power. Money will mean nothing, and threats of court action or imprisonment for defying orders likewise meaningless. Thus, these pockets of elitism will become decimated, going the way of thugs locked into interaction with each other, usually a short and brutal existence.
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