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ZetaTalk: 2002 Trends
Note: written during the March 23, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

There are several trends that will emerge, shortly.

The first is the cover-up, becoming so distressed that cracks are appearing with no mortar at hand to repair them. If the inbound planet, Planet X, will soon start a zoom so rapid that it will be visible to amateurs in the night sky, with their equipment, by mid-2002, then what are they to say? All explanations such as a new comet, a nova, or a new phenomena previously unknown to man, will only go so far. Thus, NASA and the observatories they control, which are to a greater extent than the man on the street realizes, essentially all observatories, are almost paralyzed in the way to proceed. Various silly explanations, many of which will be contradictory, may emerge, but the contradictions and delays in explanation will clue the thinking man into realizing that a cover-up indeed in effect. Not the result hoped for. Thus, the next trend re the cover-up is incompetence, conflicting explanations, and increasing cracks.

The second trend is climate and weather changes, increasing ocean warming and melting poles, and quakes striking in places not previously experiencing them, in the memory of man. This is already rising alarm and open discussion on the streets, such that the nightly news has become irrelevant, and the man on the street senses that their leadership is not leading, but suppressing the truth. The man on the street is looking for an explanation, but none is coming from the news, the government, the church, or anyone in authority. Thus, they go underground, talking to friends, who invariably have some sense of an inbound Planet X, and ZetaTalk, or similar information. The result of this breaking away from the given authority, to self-thinking, is that the populace will start their own discussions, break into the news, and the establishment will become distressed. So, a cover-up with cracks, and an establishment challenged by the man on the street, asking questions they are not prepared to address.

Third, comes an upsurge of interest in alternative news, Planet X sites such as ZetaTalk and others long researching this with clear thinking and a history of valid reporting. These will be sought, and transmitted, and given support, where the establishment news is pushed aside. This is the activity that many sense around the corner, the groundswell from people sensing that their government is lying to them, the churches irrelevant, and the news suppressed such that only irrelevancies are reported. Thus, going into the cataclysms, those who have been pushed into the corners, given no validity by the establishment, will have their day, and be exhausted with the activity. Alternative news sources have always been harassed, but have survived. They are established routes that have never been suppressed, nor can they be. Stomping on one creates another, or many others, so the establishment relies on the numbers. If the majority of the working man watches approved nightly news, and plods along, then the establishment feels they can survive and co-exist with alternative news, although uneasily.

For those in Europe or elsewhere, where news is not so suppressed, the trend will be primarily the appearance in the sky of an object, inbound, viewable by amateurs, moving, unexplained by the establishment. To the degree that those populations can deal with the coming changes, discussions on the news will be allowed. In countries where the population cannot be saved, such as in Indonesia or India, the news will be suppressed, utterly. The elite feeling that any panic would be a spark to a firestorm, and thus feared. In countries where news in general is suppressed, such as in the Muslim countries, news of a coming cataclysm will be discussed back alley or back room as today, and not become a source of panic under the heavy hand of control these populations expect. Many will find relief, in that they have long sensed changes coming, without acknowledgment by the establishment. For those who wish to deny, this will be a clue to proceed to solid denial, with spending available cash, and intense partying until the end. For those who care for and worry about dependents, this will be a clue to take action, take those camping trips or purchase that houseboat, long planned but an expense deemed outside the reasonable. For those fearing the awakening of the populace, this will be a clue to retreat to their enclaves, soon to be protected by the military in the US, and elsewhere, unknown to the public or already protected by the military of the country.

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