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ZetaTalk: Little Man
Note: written during the March 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Up until the banking system is in a steady slip toward a crash, the facade that money can be provided to bail out bankrupt countries will be maintained. The banking industry relies so heavily on confidence, as does the Stock Markets, that even when a slide is well in place they will deny. When the slide is accelerating, they will disappear into "no comment" and be out of the public eye. The exact time and date of an economic crash is something we are frequently asked about. This is in the hands of man, in the main, and could be delayed by months past a predicted point based on newscasts, and the sacrifice of various wealthy individuals willing to dispel some of their fortunes toward this end. Then there is the issue of erroneous reporting, as today, where crops shortages are simply not reported, and weather changes and the rising seas swallowing islands in the Pacific are simply not reported. If an economic crash is well in process, but the news does not report it, then to you, this is not yet occurring.

Thus, unless one has inside information, and knows what signs to look for, the slide will not be evident. Our best advice to the public, anxious to make best use of their funds, is to not invest in the Stock Market, not hold back from buying solid material items that can help them, such as seeds or camping gear or tools. How can you go wrong in learning to garden, or planning to get close to nature? These are in any case good investments, not so much to make money as to improve your life! Spend time with your children in the woods, learn simply survival techniques like eating weeds and fishing under primitive circumstances. This is a better vacation, a better use of your time and funds, than sitting on the sofa and counting riches you probably don't have today! Paper money, and stocks, give a false sense of security, as history tells you. Get real!

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