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ZetaTalk: Twisted Logic
Note: written Mar 15, 2002

Self Preservation = Service-to-Others
To those thinking of moving, leaving family behind, and wondering if this is a Service-to-Other decision, this is a decision that bears on the following: If the family refuses to address the possibility of a shift, in spite of all the evidence, and the individual finds they would die with those in denial if not leaving them, then the answer is clear. Leave. If the individual finds they are leaving family that is aware, but unable to move, or children and the sick, then the issue resolves around whether they are needed to help others in the new camp, or more needed at home. This puts the issue into saving oneself over caring for others, a common 3rd Density decision issue. This decision is up to you to deal with. If the individual is taking others, children and others unable to live on their own, with them, and this is a strong factor in their reason for moving, then the answer is clear. Move. Thus, where strongly driven by Service-to-Others desires, this should sort out easily, but where a desire to save the self only, or heavily mixed in this direction, it is a 3rd Density orientation decision of which we cannot be part. It is your decision.
Service-to-Other = Rug Mat
Our words about Service-to-Other are often interpreted by those looking for rescue as a life line, meaning that we, the Zetas, or anyone taking our words seriously should give up all and rescue them. This is the same argument used on those running soup kitchens or administering welfare funding - give us whatever we want, as you must else you are not doing your duty. Of course, this is a twisted interpretation, as the soup kitchen is handing out sustenance to those starving, not serving meals at their demand, and the welfare office is on a budget with rules. So why the loud clamor? These individuals seek to bog ZetaTalk and Troubled Times or whatever group trying to get the message out boggled in demands and chores, thus ineffective. A second motive is based on a sense that the current human administration system, the governments of the worlds, are already puling back and seeking self-protection vs. taking care of the citizenry. They sense the Transformation in effect, and are trying to line up in the new welfare lines.
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