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arrows ZetaTalk: New World Order
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

There is much discussion in the world of UFOlogy and beyond about the New World Order and various establishment elites who want to remain in control during and through troubled times. They are on top now, and want to remain there. They fear social unrest in the extreme. Any alternative to losing their control is acceptable, and the misery of others is the least of their concerns. These elites can be members of a government who enjoy power and influence due to their authority, the wealthy who enjoy an easy life and can generally buy their way out of troubles, corporate heads who are used to the concept that they command, military leaders who can't imagine anyone else in charge, religious leaders who fear to stand alone in the world not clothed in the reverence people cast their way, and any others in a particular position of power, for whatever reason. As being an elitist is an attitude, not all in these categories, of course, are elites. Just what the establishment groups are called, and who the current members are, is not as important as the issues and trends. We are telling you that names can change, and membership can change, but if you know them when you see them, gauging them by their motives and behavior, then you will be well guided.

What is their behavior, and how can their motives be discerned? Essentially, anything that spreads the truth and educates people, allowing them to make their own decisions, is not what the elites desire. Therefore, vehicles like books, telephone connections, open correspondences, and most certainly the Internet give people information freedom, not what the elites desire, but matters like book burning, communications strictures, and censorship show the heavy hand of the elites. Independence is another worry of the elites. Where people can grow and market their own crops, set their own prices, and travel about they are given freedom from repression, not what the elites desire, but where they fear to move else they starve, and are not given travel permits anyway, this shows the heavy hand of the elites. Those attempting to establish the New World Order seek to keep man ignorant, but most importantly they seek to keep man nervous and despairing. They equate to the parent who tells their child that no one else would want them, the better to control the child who fears abandonment. They equate to the husband who tells his wife she is undesirable, the better to control the wife who may be thinking of leaving him. They equate to repressive governments who tell their citizenry that other countries would brutalize them, the better to prevent emigration.

Therefore, watch where these practices crop up, and do not be dissuaded by clever covers for controlling motives. Democracies do not tolerate the methods that the elites wish to use, and provides weapons for pushing back when these repressions are attempted. The vote, the city council, the petition - use these effectively, and be on guard lest your freedoms be taken away piece by piece.

Who are those attempting to establish the New World Order? The banking industry, first and foremost, as finances are such a fragile thing. Finances are built only upon faith. In fact, they have no substance whatsoever. All those high paid salaries - poof! All that chatter about the value of this stock or that, the carefully monitored stock and bond listings, it is all just so much hot air. They are talking about nothing. They fear the populace will wake up to that. One must realize that bankers and stock brokers and bond dealers do not have alternative professions. There are only so many accountants employable, and most work for little pay and under pressure to be exacting. Who needs overpaid hot air bags? What would happen to their world if people stopped thinking that their hard earned savings were safe and secure in their hands? The crash of 1929, for one. Bankers jumping out of windows, as the thought of having to do an honest days work was just to much to bear.

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