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ZetaTalk: Survived

The explosive attention given to ZetaTalk, in spite of attempts to completely discredit Nancy or take her down in some manner by association with scam artists such as Hazelwood, were expected to succeed. Hazelwood was a new game plan, and had all the hallmarks of success, well funded and backed by more personnel than the public could even imagine. By distancing herself from Hazelwood, Nancy cut that plan in shreds. She did not allow the money connection to attach to her. Thus, he went limping into the Art Bell show, and is fearful now of being sued for money by the promises he has made to many. He cannot save them, and now that many are cautious about the funds they give to him, can be traced and tracked down, and sued. So ZetaTalk survived this last concerted effort to eliminate the threat that Nancy represented.

Meanwhile, her renown increased, on the Internet, every government's bane. Imagine that for every person reading her site there is at least a half dozen alerted. Imagine that for each of these half dozen most, electronically, post word about on the Internet to other mailing lists or posting boards. Imagine that for every person getting wind of what is really about to occur, there is discussion at dinner tables or coffee shops or bars. Imagine that each of these takes the message further, bringing it up when the subject warrants. Thus, it is exploding, which at least the US government is aware of. Nancy has not allowed herself to be dragged down, or compromised her message when asked, as on Earth Changes TV recently where ZetaTalk refused to buy into the Sun Mega-Cycle matter. She is deemed to have integrity, not someone they can kill (though thousands of attempts have been made) or compromised. Thus, they must adapt to her, at this date.

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