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ZetaTalk: Uneasy Public
Note: written Mar 15, 2002

The public at large is already uneasy. They are considering what they see about them, these past few years. The weather absolutely cannot be explained, and the weatherman is ignoring this, which in and of itself is a cause for uneasiness in the common man. Crops go awry, businesses go belly-up, bankruptcies increasing, and powerful companies like Enron try rip-off games that cannot succeed in the long run. The degree of arrogance in the powerful US administration is stunning, so much so that few talk about this openly, yet they feel this. In Europe, the weather and behavior in the US is openly discussed, but no solutions or confronting is done by their governments. The establishment is at a loss as to what to say to their public. They feel they cannot admit, as this will cause panic, and they cannot deny, as there will be angry questions. They can, however, ignore, a favored tactic in any case for those in politics and corporate management. Stall, have no comment, refuse to engage, refuse to answer the question, and pretend the issue is not before them.

At the same time, due to the unease of those who must meet the public, and demands for some official explanation, there will be a need for a exit route. If they want to reduce the demands on government, on themselves personally, they will turn the anxiety elsewhere. They will turn it onto ZetaTalk and Troubled Times, specifically. This will start slowly, at first increasing requests for interviews and information. The great leaders will be off in their high offices, allowing the stoic souls in Troubled Times and Nancy to meet the anxiety of the public. This is anticipated to allow the common man to address his situation by either:

  1. planning and preparing, or
  2. resigning himself to a sudden death.

Both are messages the governments wish to give the public, but cannot without explaining why they are continuing to save themselves at the public's expense.

ZetaTalk has always taken the tack that the bad news should be offset by what-to-do. In other words, the public will close their ears if there is nothing they can do, as an individual. But to the extent that an individual can see a route, a means of saving themselves and helping those in their heart, they will not go into denial. Troubled Times, under the influence of Nancy who would have it no other way, has followed suit, and is filled with common man achievable solutions. It is unique, in this regard, on the Internet and elsewhere. Outdoor survival assumes a short period of time, post Cold War sites dealing with nuclear threat assume the ability to stock up and then return to normal life. Troubled Times is the only site that discusses a post catastrophe situation, long term, world wide, in a practical manner. It does not take names, refusing to do so, encouraging the little guy to join with friends and those known to him. It has the feel to it of an answer, and thus those who read it heed.

Thus, for Troubled Times and ZetaTalk in the months ahead, there will be more publicity. This may require more mirror sites, more publication of the nonprofit booklet, and more interviews by Nancy. All of this is in place, and can be readily done, so should not cause consternation in the group or distress. It is doable.

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