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ZetaTalk: Imaging
Note: written during the Feb 16, 2002 IRC session. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

The establishment has much discussed this moment, when there will be serious attention given to the object, moving, in the skies. At the turn of the millennium, it was thought that NASA and their buddy system would call it a nova. However, with the attention given to the Zeta coordinates, they understood that motion in this object would be under too much scrutiny. Where explanations that the common man might buy will be floated out, such as the recent pronouncement about CO2 causing slowing rotation, the establishment knows that the educated man won't buy into this. Even the little guy, perhaps without wealth but with a brain, can sort though what he observes and hears. To confirm that the inbound object is a Brown Dwarf, moving at the rate it is, would raise questions as to its distance. This in conjunction with the closeness to our coordinates would likewise confirm, officially, ZetaTalk. They would prefer to hide, and ferry the anxious to Nancy and Troubled Times.

The governments in the know about what is coming, or those suspecting based on rumor in the highest circles, have only a few options. They could come clean, admit a cover-up, and then run and hide to save themselves. This is unlikely to happen, until perhaps the last week, as these individuals enjoy power and privilege, and are loathe to give it up. They could employ strong arm tactics, invoke martial law, and refuse and eliminate any questions about earth changes. This requires a military and citizenry well in agreement with these means, which does not exist in either the US, Canada, or Europe. Even China found the Internet rebutting their lines, re Tianaman Square. The uproar, even after 911, over loss of individual rights, showed the US that their citizenry were not in agreement. Thus, they have evolved a third tactic, which it to allow discussion, but ignore it. In other words, no comment.

In Europe, there is likely to be more open discussion of the matter, as in the UK the Planet X issue re-emerged recently. Britain is also resentful of the US, and the European Community resentful of both. Thus, each country is likely to respond individually, depending on the public and administrators. Where the country might fare well, there may be open forums on plans as to what to do, in case. In countries where there will be devastation, such as in India, no discussion will occur. In countries where there is already suppression of news and discussion, such as Saudi Arabia, there will be continued suppression. In Scandinavia, which will fare well, there may be open government plans to assist their populace when the time comes. Thus, as with people, each government or country might take a unique tack, an unexpected tack, and our predictions wrong or right, depending. These matters are in the hands of man, who has free choice, and not our hands.

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