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ZetaTalk: Separate
Note: written Feb 15, 2002

In that the 3rd Density world that man currently lives in is such that they cannot easily group by orientation, into Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self groups, this is a point of confusion during this Transformation time. A group of Service-to-Other individuals, seeking to separate, will soon find themselves being visited by those wanting to take advantage of them. A group of Service-to-Self individuals are the first to arrive in such a setting, as this is ideal to their way of thinking. Most Service-to-Other individuals have family and friends they are intertwined with, who have mixed orientations, are undecided. Then enter the rule of law, societal laws, which require these relationships to continue. Governments do not want groups to isolate themselves, and consider this a great threat. Look to the rage with which the FBI invaded isolated groups a decade or so ago, to see how this is viewed. They consider all citizens to be their property, and insist on the entanglements that are wrapped around the individual from childhood on, remaining. One must have schooling, be papered, get a job, be taxed, produce offspring that are likewise controlled. The rage over abortion is an example of how far this sense of control and the importance to those power mad can go. There must be no escape.

So how does this change, after the shift, during the Transformation? First, isolation and separation from government control is automatic. Governments will lose control utterly, and isolation be the norm, not something sought. Thus, it comes down to how a small group, or a community, might separate and polarize. Think of your family, how family members or workforce members find compatible associates and tend to migrate toward them in their free time. If the controls over family support or showing up for work were gone, this would occur increasingly, and become full time. You have the Service-to-Self minded, who go off to loot and look for the weak. They thus are removed from strongly Service-to-Other groups, as these groups tend to cooperate well with each other, and defend themselves. Now you have the undecided, remaining with the Service-to-Other or straggling along on the periphery of the Service-to-Self. In a Service-to-Other environment, there is much serious discussion, and expectation that all will work hard for the general welfare. Undecided find this grim, no fun, and at the first opportunity peel away and set off on their own. Thus, if doing well, they establish their own communities, and if not doing well, die off.

To a great extent, the every-day life that man has today, in civilized countries, will not exist. Disease, infections, and accidents will strike quickly and decimate survivors. Thus, Service-to-Other communities will increasingly find themselves the survivors among survivors. When this occurs, they will find themselves in contact with high tech communities of humans and hybrids, living together. At this point, if not earlier by being assisted unannounced, they will find their lives improved. Thus, to imagine this polarization, this separation by orientation, remove the rule of law, the demands of society, and carry forward the natural trends you see among people today.

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