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ZetaTalk: Crossing Over
Note: written Jan 15, 2002

Crossing Over is an entrancing show for many, and with good reason. John Edwards is genuinely speaking with spirits, the dead, and has learned this skill from his early childhood experiences, which he does not speak about. The soul can speak to other souls, incarnated about them in the family, and likewise can speak to the dead. This is written about in human literature as haunting, or times when a spirit is sensed in the room, though not seen. Those who acknowledge these experiences allow themselves to be open to the possibility, and thus allow the soul to update the mind in this regard. All humans with strong souls have this potential, but few develop it. Edwards experienced severe loss in his childhood, and with great longing reached out to contact those he had lost. He allowed himself to experience this, which was a comfort to him, and thus in childhood became versed in this form of communication. This is not a fraud, not is it likely to become so due to the nature of the communication vehicle, who is strongly Service-to-Other.

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