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ZetaTalk: Led by Children
Note: written Jan 15, 2002

Many children are being born at this time, quite young to face the cataclysms that will occur before they reach their teens, much less adulthood. Why would this be the plan, when such children would likely be in shock, neglected, and unable to lead, certainly. These special children are in a optimal position to lead, contrary to mankind's understanding. Why would this be so? Children, souls incarnating into the young, are without the burden that human adults have assumed, of preconceived notions and the societal need to conform. They are open, and comment upon what they see as reality, not with the suppression that society imposes and which becomes automatic and adopted by adults who must function in society. Likewise, these children have stamina and health, as in truth the human body is strongest prior to the age of 20 or so, and declines afterwards.

Thus, survival groups, stunned by what has happened and in despair over being abandoned and lied to by their governments. In shock over the adjustments to their prior lifestyle, and depressed over the adjustments that must be made, will be led by these children, who will see resources and avenues not apparent to their parents and caretakers. They will find each other, and communicate, and create bonds between groups that the adults would not think possible. They will be the visionaries of the future, among human survival groups, to a degree that would stun their parents now. Thus, led by a child is a phrase that will become a reality in the near future. They are on the increase now, to serve as during the shift, when most of humanity will be stunned and hurting and the lack of leadership crying for natural leaders to step forward. Of course, the children will not be the only ones leading, as there are many natural leaders among the adults! But the relative youth allows them more flexibility. Not the least of which is that adults may resist other adults, getting into posturing, but will take a child's suggestion as just that. Children have ways of influencing their elders which the elders scarcely take note of, but an analysis of the process shows that the child is leading.

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