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ZetaTalk: Survivor
Note: written Sep 15, 2001

The Survivor show is a brainchild of the major TV networks, in response to a request floated out to them from the establishment to mentally prepare the populace for drastic changes that would challenge their mind-set and ability to survive. How could such a request be made, to major media networks, and not be discussed broadly in the news? The manner in which the establishment influences the media - which includes TV, radio, movies, magazines, and newspaper articles - is not bold-faced and with accreditation. It is subtle, passed from a high level government official to a high level executive, both of whom could be expected to keep their mouths tightly zipped. Thus requested, the executive has a brain-storming session, and leans in the direction of the request during the ideas that are laid forth. The staff then thinks this their idea, and promotes it all the more heavily because of this. Their idea should be a success!

The basis of the Survivor show, as well as movies showing various Earth-threatening situations such as volcanoes or meteors or asteroid, is to numb the populace to such scenarios. Think of the horrors the populace encounters regularly - tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, cancer, child kidnappings, automobile wrecks that leave the survivors maimed. When such horrors are discussed over coffee break or at the bar, they are treated as something that cannot be avoided, cannot be planned for, but just must be borne. By displaying such situations as Earth threatening disasters or bare-bones survival situations where a member of the group must be ejected so the rest can survive, the populace is being asked to consider such dire situations, and have the likelihood be accepted, and to become numb.

Take a look at old TV series, old movies, and magazine articles that appears some 20-30 years ago. Do you see such scenarios? What changed? The reality of the inbound 12th Planet, the likely pole shift, and the fact that the elite have realized the cannot escape Earth, but must live here with the masses, through this and afterwards!

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