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ZetaTalk: Other Explanations
Note: written August 26, 2001

Extremes in weather or periodic disasters are tolerated by the public when they can see that history is repeating itself. Being part of history, they can also anticipate good times to return. So much of life is taken as something one must bear, can do nothing about, and where grieving afterwards or bracing preparations are done, the fact that such disasters do descend is seldom given a thought. Aging, illness, and birth defects occur. Accidents and injury, loss of a spouse or partner, and infertility occur. Hurricanes and tornadoes are anticipated, occasional droughts or floods, and swarms of insects devouring crops are known to occur. But when weather patterns change, steadily, bringing deluges and droughts outside of the usual patterns, and the sea starts to rise, swallowing islands and coastlines without explanation - alarm sets in.

The debate over global warming is confusing to the populace, as if this were truly the cause of the increasing disasters, then swift and firm action should be expected from the governments of the major powers in the world. Improvements are always expected to lag behind corrections, years and perhaps decades of time required for the trends to turn about and return to normal, and every day or month allowed to pass while the problem continues to build considered intolerable. Yet the US government waves its hand dismissively at the Kyoto Agreement and states that corporate rights take precedence, as though the taxpayer were not being drown or baked by the weather, forced into bankruptcy by job and crop losses, with no change in sight. The sense is that global warming, or any corrections ensuing, will not correct the increasing disasters, and the casual attitude of the US leadership means, in fact, that this is most likely not the cause of the disastrous trends.

In primitive cultures, where concepts such as earthquake plates clashing and sliding against each other or a molten core forcing lava up through volcanoes or the Jet Stream affecting weather are not known, disasters are taken to be the hand of some irate god and sacrifices or steps taken to placate the god made accordingly. Where a wider view of the world is taught to the populace, in schools or via the availability of information, concepts of cause and effect supplant the religious. Germs cause infection and can be countered by antibiotics. Pesticides can counter plagues of insects and fungicides can make black mold disappear. There are reasons for disasters, and steps can be taken to counter them or at least prepare for them. Thus, the utter lack of reasons for the current weather trends, earthquake and volcano upticks, and rising seas have left the populace stunned, the more so because there does not appear to even be a debate on the matter.

This results in a conclusion that the real reason is being withheld, that those in the know are not including the populace, and this message imparts a sense that a disaster of immense proportions is pending. It is the lack of discussion on cause and effect, the lack of concern expressed by the leadership, and the lack of rationale in any reason tossed to the increasingly frantic public that imparts this message. Thus, discussion on the record the Earth presents, the periodic cataclysms and wandering poles, gain credence, as at least this is an explanation.

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