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ZetaTalk: Harvest
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Transformation is sometimes referred to as the Harvest. On your Planet Earth, because of the geological changes that periodically happen, the Transformation to 4th Density has been planned to coincide with these geological changes. The reason is simple, though some may view it in horror. During the coming geological changes the vast majority of your Earth’s populace will perish, suddenly. Those who survive will find a world without food or shelter from the elements. Medical treatment will be scarce, and hygiene the least of anyone’s thoughts. Consequently, even after the cataclysms, the die-off will be huge.

Reincarnation will not be affected by the pole shift any more than normal life cycles. Humans died young in the past. In the days of the cave man life was far shorter, so this is common to your species. There will be much death, and this has horrified many people, but at the present time the majority of humans on Earth, in fact four-fifths or more, do not have reincarnated souls but can spark new souls. This has happened because of the population explosion. Reincarnation on new worlds does not happen because of every intelligent life that harbors the possibility of this. We call these aborted souls. This is not any decision on the part of an administrative force, it just simply happens. Nothing sparked a soul. Nothing sparks a soul in a parakeet or a dog. If there is an indolent life, or one without challenge, frequently the soul dissipates upon death rather than remaining to reincarnate and grow and increase in mass.

Therefore the pole shift will result in quite a number of souls suddenly looking for reincarnation, but because this is a Transformation time they will be gathered, if they have not made their orientation decision to be Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other, and whisked off to a water world to be reincarnated into a type of octopus and carry on their lessons. Those who are Service-to-Other will reincarnate into more intelligent hominoids on Earth, and those who are Service-to-Self and have firmly decided this will be sent off to various worlds, at times in human form, for what we would term a very unpleasant life among others of their own kind.

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