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ZetaTalk: Growth Rates
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Entities grow in different directions. Some move toward Service-to-Others, and quickly learn this is their orientation. Others move steadily toward Service-to-Self, and desire the greater power that a higher density will grant them. They beg to move forward. The entity being incarnated has little say in the matter, however. Were this otherwise the lessons to be learned would be avoided.

Entities do not grow, spiritually, at the same rate. Some even grow backwards, losing ground. Some take full advantage of the learning experiences offered to them by an incarnation, and others coast, avoiding unpleasant lessons and simply enjoying the pleasant experiences the incarnation offers. Thus during any season of harvest, the harvesters discover that there are entities who have not grown at all, entities who are not ready to emerge from the current density, and entities who are ready to move forward. Many of the entities who are ready to move forward have, for some time, been ready. They are ahead of their time.

There are paths by which entities who are ready to move forward can hasten their emergence from the density. This is, essentially, a call to the administrative powers for a type of hearing. Those who are ready to emerge from their density know, instinctively, how to call. Were they not to know how to call, they would, by definition, not be ready. However, most in the Service-to-Others orientation do not desire to leave the density prematurely, as they are bound, in their hearts, to help their density mates. They wish to help others to arrive at their conclusion. They wish to help others with the struggle. They are self-sacrificing and devoted, and concentrate on the problems of others to the same extent they concentrate on their own struggle.

Therefore, where the Service-to-Self emergents clamor to move forward, wanting the greater powers that await them in a higher density, the Service-to-Others emergents most often remain. Thus at any harvest season we find these entities, laboring among their benighted kindred, without complaint.

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