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ZetaTalk: Hybrid Homes
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Will our hybrids take up residence on Earth, after the cataclysms? But of course, in Service-to-Other communities. This will be selective and cautious, and in most cases human societies, as much as they can function after the cataclysms, will be unaware. Some of our hybrids will live alone, or with us, the full- blood Zetas, and in some cases will live also with humans. The standard of living in these communities will be much higher than you now enjoy - very high tech, as you say. The hybrids will expect to live as they now live, with automated food production and controlled temperature and light. Science is advanced, and exploration in the sciences is an occupation of almost everyone. The forms of energy and travel will approximate those we, the Zeta, and the hybrids enjoy today.

The Service-to-Others hybrids and Zetas will adopt Service-to-Other humans into our midst, to some degree. Where there are communities of humans, only, who are living in the Service-to-Other orientation, these technologies will be given as a gift. Communication, or the sharing of news, is complete and without censorship. Community activities are determined by vote, much as we have described how the Council of Worlds now polls the opinions of people on Earth. Each has a voice, and there is no need to rush to the poles.

Most human societies, even when operating under the Service-to-Other orientation after the pole shift, will remain strictly human. Some communities solely composed of our hybrids will spring up on Earth after the shift, in areas greatly devastated or on new, uninhabited, ground. As our hybrids are not entirely unknown, today, to some humans, there will also be mixed communities. In these it is expected that humans will share the technologies enjoyed by our hybrids, thus essentially being adopted. Of the whole, these communities will not be that numerous. Recall also that the humans adopted will have undergone a great devastation, and be essentially homeless. Where humans have prepared for the cataclysms, and are operational afterwards, direct adoption by our hybrid communities is not likely.

Humans desiring to form Service-to-Others communities in preparation for the cataclysms should not concern themselves about physical proximity to the Zetan hybrid communities. We will find you. We do not have our future locations picked out, as this will be dependent on many things. The free will of humans, who will make many changes between now and then, affects the result. Your focus should be on your convenience, and being able to achieve your goals, which will not be all that easy. Convincing humans to give up many conveniences, to live in a more primitive state, just in case, is not all that easy a matter. Many will resist your suggestions, and proof of the comet's existence and path will come late in the game. Focus on what you can achieve, and we will be in touch. We will come to you.

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