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Posting Guidelines

  1. Post in plain text only, without the HTML tags which are an option of some e-mail programs. Not all e-mail programs can interpret these HTML e-mail tags, and the result is a second copy of the content cluttered with visible HTML tags. Don't clutter.
  2. Large graphics or articles should not be attached to the mailing list posting, but should be sent to the mailing list Admin Staff to be put on the web for review by the team. This guidelines reduces traffic for those receiving e-mail in bulk. The guideline is that no posting should be more than 16 KB, including attachments. Be considerate.
  3. To point the team to a web site, include only the URL link and a brief quote, not an extensive copy of the web site's content. The content can be gotten by any member interested by going to the site. Use the web facilities.
  4. Reply to a posting by copying and quoting only that text you are addressing in your reply, not the entire previous posting. Many e-mail programs have an option where the entire previous post is picked up for a reply, which can create a huge posting filled with irrelevant text. Be concise.
  5. Postings on the mailing list include two e-mail addresses - the mailing list and the individual posting. If your reply is meant only for the individual posting, reply to him or her, not the entire list. Divert your personal postings.
  6. At times the thread of discussion diverges from the original topic. In this case, change the Subject to reflect the content of the discussion. Help the readership decide if they want to read your posting or not in this way. Identify relevance.