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Contentious issues are dealt with by having the active membership vote. An example of a contentious issue might be whether or not to include a topic or recommend a product. Additions and changes to the Troubled Times content are posted on the Forum for review by all members, so those members who object can initiate discussion. A vote is also the means used to permanently expel a member, should the issue arise. As a list serve can have many lurkers who don't contribute, then it should not be simply subscription to a list serve that counts toward a voting right. In a volunteer group, contributions count. A voting member is one who has contributed to the Troubled Times content.

As noted on the Troubled Times home page, the solutions being recommended by Troubled Times are intended to be "affordable and attainable", and thus do not include theoretical devices. Troubled Times does not welcome those individuals or groups that are simply hoping to showcase or market a product or idea. Any products or methods being considered during Troubled Times list serve discussions will be limited to those that are already in operation, are proven or patented, are in general use by mankind, are not theoretical, are not under contest as to their worth, and are readily available to the average man.