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New members should bear in mind that the premise of Troubled Times is that cataclysmic changes are potentially in our future, and that preparation means assuming the worst of what geological and written history tell us. The worst case assumptions include:

  • Travel nearly impossible - bridges down; planes, trains and cars irreparable; airports, roads and tracks damaged.
  • Communications disrupted with satellites torn out of the skies and phone lines down and dead in any case with the power grids down.
  • Crops difficult or impossible to grow in the gloom, and domesticated animals starving off.
  • Volcanic ash and fractures from massive earthquakes polluting the ground and surface water with lead.
  • Existing shelter shattered during the 15 Richter point earthquakes, so homelessness among the survivors is acute, along with almost continuous rain during the first few years after the Pole Shift.
  • Medical and dental care in the hands of non- professionals, with hospitals and clinics unreachable or unstaffed.
  • Replacement parts unavailable, with the necessity of survivors having to manufacture every type of chemical or mechanical part in use.
  • Traditional food sources being unavailable, so that there is no choice but to eat what is at hand.