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On Nov 15, 2001 the Zetas commented on the Anthrax attack, and implied that the CIA and Russians were involved.

Where is this leading, and who has designed and implemented such an insidious attack? If those who have sworn a Jihad against the US had done so years ago, then why the delay between then and now? Would Anthrax alone not have brought some satisfaction, even before the hijacking of planes to be used as bombs was arranged? And why the constant talk of Smallpox, if only a handful of germs in a couple highly guarded facilities exist? Once again, the hand mailing Anthrax may be those who do not fear to die, in a Jihad against the hated US, but those supplying them are a complex of countries who formerly called the US a friend, but had been stunned to find treaties such as the treasured arms reduction treaty treated like toilet paper in a plan to make the US the biggest gun on the globe. The US and the former Soviet Union are the only two countries holding Smallpox reserves. Then who is it the US fears in a potential Smallpox spread - itself? The leaders of the US are telling you who they think is involved in the Anthrax assault.
ZetaTalk: Anthrax, written Nov 15, 2001

Despite word that the strain of Anthrax used against Democratic senators was traced to a CIA lab in Utah, the FBI spent years targeting Dr. Steven Hatfield from a government lab in Maryland. Hatfield, however, won his case against the FBI and was awarded a $5.8 million dollar settlement. The FBI then selected another target, who was driven to suicide before a grand jury could rule on the evidence - Dr. Bruce Ivins. But were either of these men guilty, or are the guilty being allowed to go free? The villain? A Russian defector looking for corporate profits. Since he is a CIA asset, and used a CIA lab during his deed, he won't be prosecuted.

2001 Anthrax Mailings Case Revisited: Russian Defector was Lead Suspect
November 26, 2007
Three veteran investigators have independently narrowed the field of anthrax mailings suspects to a single Russian defector affiliated with two heavily implicated defense contractors and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Kanatjan Alibekov, alias "Ken Alibek," the President of Hadron Advanced Biosystems, should be re-interrogated by the FBI, according to three researchers who arrived at this conclusion independently. They say Stephen Hatfield - the military virologist cited by FBI officials in recent weeks as a chief subject was not likely involved in the mailings at all. Their compiled evidence is largely public knowledge. Dr. Alibekov was the first Deputy Director of Biopreparat-the Soviet Union's leading biological weapons testing center. He oversaw military anthrax production for nearly 20 years, and was personally responsible for 32,000 employees at 40 facilities when he suddenly defected to the United States in 1992 to begin working for the CIA. According to interviews, Dr. Alibekov allegedly defected to help stop the biological weapons race, not for monetary reward. Yet, his activities in America indicate otherwise.
The three independent investigators each cite economic and political motives for the targeted anthrax mailings. Given the high grade and technical difficulty in producing and handling this grade of anthrax, they reasoned, "white collar criminals" with access to military or pharmaceutical labs most likely acted on behalf of those who benefited most from the attacks and ensuing fright. Hadron and its affiliates, including DynCorp and BMI, lead the pack of corporate and institutional suspects, the investigators say. Logically, the three investigators reasoned, the media was initially targeted to sway public opinion in support of government orders worth billions of dollars for hyped vaccines and drugs, much of which benefited Hadron, DynCorp, BMI and their directors. DynCorp was the major military and intelligence provider awarded $322 million to develop, produce, and store anthrax and smallpox vaccines for the nation. BMI, a leading defense and energy industry contractor, directed the US military's Joint Vaccine Acquisitions Program. Bioport, LLC became a leading beneficiary. This British-controlled anthrax vaccine maker in Lansing, Michigan was sanctioned repeatedly by federal officials and members of congress for unethical business practices, violating health and safety guidelines, and vaccine contaminations that some researchers say may have triggered the mysterious Gulf War illness. Corporate profiteering was firmly secured after the mailings to Capitol Hill, the investigators say. The specific targeting of Senators Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), traditionally strong drug and military industry adversaries, reinforced their suspicions.