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icon Fossett Disappearance

On Oct 12, 2007 the Zetas stated that Steve Fossett's disappearance was deliberate, as he wished to leave his life behind.

To continue competition means, eventually, a string of failures due to old age. One should quit while they are ahead, is often the adage. But Steve is a man who cannot do this, and knows himself well enough to realize this. A string of failures would be his humiliating outcome, of that he was certain. He decided on a type of suicide, but one which would leave no trace of his decision. Taking off from the Hilton ranch, it was only a short flight to Area 51, famous for the security forces defending this military installation from prying eyes. Area 51 prevents overflight as well as land incursions, and does so with force. A small plane ignoring warnings is pursued with more than warnings, is forced down. Seeing they had the famous Steve Fossett in their custody, a quick decision had to be made. Should they release him, allow his fame to broadcast what he had observed at Area 51, or should they detain him? He is alive, in detention, and unlikely to emerge. He has retired, the plane in a hanger and likely to be destroyed to remove all evidence. This was deliberate, an outcome Steve had hoped would occur.
ZetaTalk: Steve Fossett, written Oct 12, 2007

Despite an intense search for this famous man, including the use of Google satellite imagery, no sign of the downed plane was found.

Steve Fossett
Sep 3, 2007
As of September 10, search crews had found eight previously uncharted crash sites, some decades old, but none related to Fossett's disappearance. On September 7, 2007, Google Inc. helped the search for the aviator through its connections to contractors that provide satellite imagery for its Google Earth software. Richard Branson, Fossett's British billionaire friend, said he and others were coordinating efforts with Google to see if any of the high-resolution pictures might include Fossett's aircraft.

Eventually, Steve was declared dead by a judge and the case considered settled. But recently this conclusion was challenged by investigators.

Secret lovers. Hidden bank accounts. And still no sign of a plane wreck.
Did Richard Branson's balloon buddy fake his death?
30th July 2008
When adventurer Steve Fossett seemingly disappeared off the face of the Earth last September, his many admirers couldn't quite believe he had perished on something as mundane as a joyride in a light aircraft above the Nevada desert in the U.S. No body or wreckage has ever been found since Fossett failed to return from his last flight. And now - five months after a judge officially declared the 63-year-old financier dead - investigators have made the astonishing suggestion that he faked his own death. The claims come from one of the rescue team leaders and an insurance assessor who spent eight months trying to find out what happened on behalf of Lloyd's of London, who are said to face a £25 million payout on Fossett's death. Both say there are elements of his disappearance that make no sense, and they have independently come to the conclusion that Fossett - a close friend of Virgin tycoon and fellow adventurer Richard Branson - could still be alive. Their inquiries have revealed that Fossett, married for 38 years to childhood sweetheart Peggy, had at least two mistresses and was living a secret double life. There are suggestions that he was in financial trouble and feared a ruinous divorce if his philandering was discovered.