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On July 15, 2006 the Zetas stated that a card the Puppet Master would play if the Bush administration appeared ready to invade or bomb Iran would be to threaten US holdings in the Pacific or the State of Alaska. He would do this via his influence with various countries.

The Puppet Master has cards in his deck not yet played. For instance, the flurry of missile tests from N Korea was at his request, to remind the US Military that an invasion of Iran would result in threats to the US territories in the Pacific.
ZetaTalk G8 Summit, written July 15, 2006

Starting in July, 2008 Russia made several threatening overflights over Alaska, the Aleutian Island, and US aircraft carriers in the Pacific. There is no rational explanation for this seemingly new behavior.

Russian Bomber Buzzes U.S. Aircraft Carrier
Feb 12, 2008
American fighter jets intercepted two Russian bombers, one of which buzzed a U.S. aircraft carrier in the western Pacific. Russia's Defense Ministry said Tuesday that there was no violation of flight regulations during the incident. A ministry official said the flights are standard operating procedure for air force training. One of them twice flew about 2,000 feet over the deck of the USS Nimitz Saturday while another flew about 50 miles away. Two others were at least 100 miles away. US defense officials said four F/A-18A fighter jets from the Nimitz were in the air. The Russians and the U.S. carrier did not exchange verbal communications. Four turboprop Tupolev-95 Bear bombers took off from Ukrainka Air Base, in Russia's Far East, in the middle of the night. One of the planes violated Japanese airspace. Russian bombers have been making flights over the western Pacific for several months. There have been eight incidents off Alaska since July. Among the latest, on September 5, six F-15s from Elmendorf Air Force Base, adjacent to Anchorage, Alaska, intercepted six Russian bombers about 50 miles from the northwest coast of Alaska. Two similar incidents occurred in August, one near Cape Lisburne, Alaska, and the other near Cold Bay, Alaska, west of the Aleutian Islands.