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On Jul 15, 1995 ZetaTalk mentioned the immense magnetic tug caused by Planet X, causing magnetic diffusion on Earth even from afar. In 2003, brownouts and surges were experience due to the charged tail of Planet X wafting past Earth, and in Apr 7, 2005 and Mar 8, 2006 and as recently as Jul 1, 2006 they warned this tail effect would return shortly.

The Earth's magnetism is being disturbed now, when stable for thousands of years. Magnetic diffusion is already causing mankind to move to alternate means of establishing bearings.
ZetaTalk: Magnetic Field, written Jul 15, 1995
During the Summer of 2003, the tail of Planet X was spraying toward Earth, as it is hosed out of the N. Pole of Planet X, being magnetized iron ore dust. The tail of Planet X is once again turning toward the Earth.
ZetaTalk: Tail Returns, written Apr 7, 2005
When it put on the brakes as it arrived at the Sun, in the Summer of 2003, the tail logically wafted past the halting Planet X to blow past the Sun to interfer with the electric grid in many countries in August-September of 2003, creating surges and brownouts, crashing the grids. The tail is charged, and this is the reason it clings to and follows Planet X, which is an immense planetary magnet. The tail blows away from the N Pole of Planet X, which is the outbound port of the magnetic particle flow that is the magnetic field of a planet. Does this mean that mankind will shortly have more of the tail effects, here on Earth? The Earth cannot escape this, and folklore speaks to this, but just what the timing of these assaults will be, we will not say.
ZetaTalk: Tail Wafting, written Mar 8, 2006
Are we saying the Earth's magnetic field is going to get more erratic in the future, dramatically so? There is no question that this will be one of the signs that will come, yet another not covered by the Global Warming excuse.
ZetaTalk: Magnetic Clash, written July 1, 2006 on the live GodlikeProduction Radio show.

In July, 2006 two ships, one near Florida and another near Alaska, listed so badly that one turned onto its side and another threw passengers overboard. High waves or weather were not a factor. Ships determine their list based on magnetic gyroscopes, which can be affected by magnetic pulse.

Signs of the Times #1624 [Jul 19] Passengers on the ship were thrown into the ocean after a steering problem caused the ship to tilt 30 degrees to the left right after it departed from Florida's Port Canaveral on its way to New York.
[and from another],,3-2283612,00.html [July 25] The US Coast Guard and Air Force were attempting to rescue 22 crew from a cargo ship carrying nearly 5,000 cars last night after it rolled almost on to its side and began taking on water 230 miles south of the Aleutian Islands.

As the Zetas explained.

To all extent it appears to be a steering problem, but what made the automated equipment go awry? This equipment has been in use for many, many decades and of course uses stabilizing gyroscopes that utilise magnetics. Thus this is a magnetic anomaly, a type of magnetic surge that caused the gyroscopes to be off kilter. The ship was adjusting. The ship was attempting to adjust to what it perceived as reality. This had nothing to do with the captain steering a wheel and everything to do with the ship's internal gyroscopes trying to keep it steady and level. Does this equipment also turn the ship? It's involved in turning. If you're going to make a turn, you tell this equipment, the automated equipment, that you wish to make let's say a 90º turn. Well the ship doesn't immediately try to turn in place in the ocean, this takes a bit of tacking, tacking to the left or the right until the 90º angle is affected. You tell it how tight you want to make the turn. Do you have 2 miles before you need to be in that position or do you need to be there within 500 feet? Something like that. That indicates how sharp the turn should be or how gradual, but they have a limit on how sharp it would be. However, since this mechanism is in place to say how sharp the turn should be and it is controlled by automated equipment taking into consideration the parameters the captain enters, it is possible for this equipment to go to the extreme based on the gyroscope readings that tell it whether it's level or not. And it was just simply a factor that was never in place when these ships were built and this equipment was tested.

We are having magnetic surges. This is something that is also causing some electromagnetic brown-outs and surges. We had this in 2003 in August, September or so and there was a lot of black-outs around the world. New York City on August 14th, the Yucatan Peninsula, Sydney Australia, many areas were reporting sudden blackouts and this was related to equipment shutting down because they sensed a surge on the lines. Equipment does this automatically to protect itself so you don't have too much electricity flowing through and damaging the equipment, and then afterwards things have to be reset and restarted. So we're into a period where this is picking up. We mentioned recently on Godlike Productions that there would be more electromagnetic interference because the tail was starting to waft toward us. The tail has barely started to waft toward Earth again. Just wait till it's got a pretty good blast aiming in our direction, in the Earth's direction, then you'll really see equipment failure which the establishment is not ready to explain. This is most certainly not global warming.
ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live, written July 29, 2006