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On Dec 15, 1996 the Zetas outlined the plan by the elite in the US government to escape to Mars, to escape the pole shift. This included more than Mars, as they explained on Jan 30, 2004, as bases on the Moon were to be involved.

Where the race to space in the 60's was originally spurred in part by the knowledge that the Earth was to experience another passage of Planet X in its near future, this factor is almost solely responsible for the Mars exploration fever of the late 90's. Back then NASA felt they had time to learn how to establish space stations far from the cataclysms the Earth was to undergo, and was smugly confident that the US taxpayers would be forced to pay for the personal escape route the elite at NASA and the establishment fully intended to use when the time came.
ZetaTalk: Mars Exploration, written Dec 15, 1996
It has been no secret that the elite hoped to escape to Mars or the dark side of the Moon during the cataclysms, to well-stocked and secure Mars and Moon enclaves. Despite endless failures, such as disabled probes and the dramatic disintegration of the Columbia and a leaking Space Station, renewed efforts to put humans on the Moon and Mars [persist].
ZetaTalk: Mars Press, written Jan 30, 2004

On July 25, 2006 National Geographic News reported that putting bases on the Moon was again on the NASA agenda. This time, to be supported by the wealthy elite!

NASA Aims to Open Moon for Business
National Geographic News July 25, 2006
For-profit space business is critical to any moon-mission plans, according to NASA under the Bush Administration. But how do you make money on the moon? The foundation believes the only way to efficiently explore the moon and beyond is to create permanent human settlements beyond Earth, extending commerce to outer space. The missions were outlined in 2004 by President George W. Bush in his Vision for U.S. Space Exploration. Given the high cost of space exploration, the U.S. space agency cannot afford to meet the vision by itself.