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On July 15, 2006 the Zetas stated that it was not Hezbollah per se that kidnapped the Israeli soldiers, but Israeli agents that had infiltrated Hezbollah. A setup, to allow Israel to start bombing Lebanon, which they did. Israel tossed the first missile.

If a civil war in Iraq didn't spill the conflicts over into Iran, then what to do? Kidnap a few Israeli soldiers, with the cooperation of Israel, and demand Lebanon produce them! Can they do this when they don't have the soldiers? Hezbollah has been infiltrated, as one might imagine, by Israeli agents, and why would it not? In the past it has been a major headache for Israel. This was an Israeli arranged kidnapping, with the soldiers in the hands of Israeli agents.
ZetaTalk: Hezbollah, writen Sep 15, 1996

After this was written, it came to Nancy's attention that the Hezbollah website is hosted by a US Contractor! However, this accusation is Denied by Al Hejailan.

The SITE Institute is an organization that tracks terrorist activities and internet postings. The Search for International Terrorist Entities Institute (The "SITE Instititute"), seems to be chronocling most of the terrorist activity you hear about in the news, and appears to be the source for much of the reporting on terrorist activities provided to the mainstream media. One of the pages hosted on the SITE Institute website, provides a list of "Terrorist Websites". One of six websites listed is for Hizballah (Party of God) SITE lists their website as: [link to]

According to the domain registration record, is registered to a "Hussein Beydoun", who resides at a Beirut (Lebanon) address. Looks pretty legitimate, but things get fishy when you look at the IP address of their web server. resolves to
The RIPE registration record for that IP address says it belongs to a "Horizon Communication", out of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The registration record goes on to list "Karthikeyan K" at an address of "Hejailan Projects". Thinking that was a rather strange address, I searched for information on who "Hejailan Projects" is. I found them listed on a directory of Defense / Aerospace contractors.

Al-Hejailan Projects Co., Ltd.
Al-Hejailan Projects Engineering Co. is a Saudi engineering firm known to be involved in maintenance and upgrading of vehicles belonging to the Royal Saudi Land Forces Infantry Corps. 1993. FMC-Arabia Ltd. is established as a joint venture between United Defense Industries, Inc. (Arlington, VA) and the Al-Hejailan Group (Saudi Arabia). The company is 51% owned by United Defense. April 2003. Al-Hejailan Group acquires the 51% stake in United Defense Systems-Arabia owned by United Defense Industries, Inc. (NYSE: UDI) for approximately $0.4 million. Why is a US defense contractor hosting a known terrorist website?