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On June 15, 1997, the Zetas stated that new land would emerge due to Sinking/Rising during the pole shift, between the tip of South American and Africa, as a result of the Antartica plate being pushed down on the Pacific side. This type of stress became evident on June 9, 2005 in the Pacific/Antartic, when the Zetas warned that a Folding Pacific would also occur, as quakes on all edges of the Antartic Plate were evident. This was followed on June 10 by a distinct Wake/Midway adjustment, and on June 15 by more Pacific Island impacts.

Ridges will rise higher, trenches will grow more narrow, and the release of tension elsewhere will allow other plates adjoining the great Pacific to likewise move.
ZetaTalk: Folding Pacific, written May 9, 2005
New land will emerge near Antarctica between the tip of Africa and South America.
ZetaTalk: Sinking/Rising, written Jun 15, 1997