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ZetaTalk warned that satellites guiding planes, known as GPS would fail to give accurate directions, adding to the number of Small Plane Crashes.

Beyond these problems, airplanes use satellites to guide them, magnetic orientation to guide them, and these likewise will either fail on occasion or given invalid readings.
ZetaTalk: written May 4, 2002
What would occur if a small plane were informed, by GPS, that their location was not amidst hills, but in the open? Beyond confused guidance systems, small planes lack the ability to recover from electromagnetic surges.
ZetaTalk: written Oct 25, 2004

On the Oct 27, 2004 Lou Gentile show this prediction came under ridicule, but by the Dec 23, 2004 Lou Gentile show the evidence had already piled in, and later, on Dec 24, 2004 a GPS Admission!

Reduced GPS accuracy alert 
GPS Space Weather Service - Warning of increased GPS positioning errors 
Source GPS Section of the Royal Observatory of Belgium 
Frequency	ASAP, when needed 
Format	Plain text 
Mail header	reduced GPS accuracy alert 
SIDC code	gps 
Latest issue 
:Issued: 2004 Dec 24 1131 UTC
:Product: documentation at
# GPS Space Weather Service #

WARNING: during the previous hour, the RTK positioning conditions were at red level

# Solar Influences Data analysis Center - RWC Belgium #
# Royal Observatory of Belgium #
# Fax : 32 (0) 2 373 0 224 #
# Tel.: 32 (0) 2 373 0 491 #
# #
# For more information, see Please do not reply directly #
# to this message, but send comments and suggestions to ''. #
# If you are unable to use that address, use '' instead. #
This message is of the Fast Alert type.
It contains a single line indicating that the RTK positioning was severely (red conditions) 
or extremely (black conditions) disturbed.
For more details, see 
Check the ISES code book for information on ISES codes.