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In 1995, ZetaTalk stated that Triangular UFO were in fact human planes designed to be confused with UFOs and thus used for disinformation to assert that humans, not aliens, were responsible for UFO activity if a panic started. During the increase of true UFO Sightings in 2004, there was a concomitant increase in triangular stealth plane sightings. And on Apr 9, 2005 the words 'EMERGENCY RELEASE and RESCUE' were sighted on the bottom as it floated overhead.

Triangular UFO are being seen worldwide at this time, to build a debunking case against all the mass sightings also occurring worldwide, in case this debunking should be deemed necessary to stop a panic over the alien presence. To prepare for such a debunking, these stealth planes are sent forth to coincide either with a sighting or slightly after.
ZetaTalk: Triangular UFO
Close encounters with silent ultrasonic Flying Triangles in the Indian side of Himalayas?
Nov 25, 2004
According to recent publications America has witnessed silent high speed triangular space crafts of the size of Foot Ball fields in the sky that could travel silently. Definitely these are frictionless anti-gravity propelled flying machines that are UFOs. The aircrafts are said to be either extra-terrestrial or secret advanced US Air Force planes. ... Are these extra terrestrial UFOs or spy machines of some unknown country. The area is sensitive and it is possible that some countries are watching this area. Also it is possible that the extra-terrestrials are watching the nuke installations of India and China also.
Is Contact Under Way in India?
Nov 3, 2004
‘Persistent stories out of India indicate that something extraordinary is happening there involving UFOs. Since October 10, everyone from members of the Indian Military to young children have reported seeing multiple UFOs of all shapes and sizes near the high altitude glaciers in the Tarai region of India, about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Chinese border.’
English words identified on black triangular craft
NUFORC, Apr 9, 2005
On 04-09-2005 I saw what I believe to be a UFO in Comanche County Texas at 9:12 local time. I offer some unique observations.

That evening, I was walking back to my motor home after wildboar hunting in an unpopulated area that I lease for hunting. The sky was clear; wind calm and the sun had just set. The sky was growing darker and darker blue straight above and stars were beginning to show. The sky was becoming black in the east. The setting sun was still keeping the western horizon illuminated and indirect lighting from the west made it possible to see my way without a flashlight.

I had my .243 Win. Remington 700 varmint rifle of which I am a quite an accomplished shooter. It is considered a "high-powered" rifle. I do quite a bit of bench rest competitive shooting with it as well as hunting. The rifle is set up with a high-tech "Leupold" optical sight, (scope) which is extremely accurate and highly specialized for great light gathering ability and performs best in low light conditions. It is not what is called a "night vision" sight. The scope magnifies the target image with great sharpness and definition and the magnification is adjustable from 4.5 to 14 times that of the natural image.

Upon my return to the motor home, I was tired after a long walk. I had carried quite a bit of equipment with me. I sat on a chair, took my eyeglasses off and toweled my face as it is already becoming hot in Texas. While I rested, without my glasses on, I noticed three very "unfocused" lights to my south and these lights were moving toward me. Immediately I put my glasses back on and saw what I believe was a UFO. (SEE ATTACHED ANIMATIONS) (a) Is the appearance of the vehicle without my glasses on and (b) is the view I had with my glasses on.) (I drew the images on my pc) The object approached from the south-southwest and while moving north-north east, passed almost directly overhead making no sound whatsoever. I estimate its altitude to be somewhere about 800 feet and its airspeed speed approximately 30 mph. It "floated" and did not fly as it obviously had insufficient airspeed to fly. (I am a Physicist & an FAA Licensed Pilot) While the sky was almost entirely black behind it, I could clearly see its underside as it was illuminated from the fading sunlight to the west. I estimate that the machine was about 60 feet wide and 80 feet long and 10 feet thick at the rear. Under its belly, there was a straight line going from its leading tip toward the center of the aft edge of the fuselage, which was perpendicular to its travel. This straight edge clearly showed its shape to be three-dimensional. The straight line showed that its belly was V-shaped, much like the hull of a speedboat. It was similar to the space shuttle as when viewed from in front and below the shuttle.

This machine was directly over me and I was alone in the middle of nowhere, therefore, I felt quite "uneasy." It made no threatening moves whatsoever, but I aimed my rifle at it and through the riflescope, which was set on 8.5 power, I could clearly see surface detail in explicit detail. The machine's surface detail appeared to be covered with well-fitted tiles, much like the ceramic tiles used on the United States Space Shuttle. Then in the fading light, I noticed a distinct marking.

This marking was absolutely shocking, as I could actually read it! It was white print outlined in black on a red arrow pointing toward a rectangle of sorts. The arrow pointed at a something rectangular that I cannot define, but I clearly could read these three words, "EMERGENCY RELEASE and RESCUE." In the same place were other words that appeared too fuzzy to read. I suspect that these words were "PULL FOR..." Instantly I realized that this was a military machine and no "flying saucer." I felt much better as I knew that these were surface details that were intended to help rescue people access and then be able to remove the pilots on board in the event of a crash.

I kept the crosshairs on the center of the aircraft as it disappeared into the darkness but as I realized it was "one of ours" and it was not a threat to my own personal safety (I think) I put the rifle safety back on. I can see however that others may have "defensively" shot at it - and that may have resulted in a crash of the vehicle.

I am somewhat "pissed off" at the military as while this area is directly under the Ft. Hood, Texas MOPA and practice flights are flown daily, really - they should not be taking chances like this where someone on the ground could actually be shooting the damned things down! I am sure that the military pilots (if it even had a crew…) were aware of my presence but they NEVER expected possible "offensive action" to be taken against them on this low level flight. The last thing I would have ever have wanted would have taken a "defensive" shot and then find American military pilots onboard in the wreckage.