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On Feb 2, 2002 the Zetas stated that Dinosaurs were not killed due to a metero strike. Most recent scientific evidence supports a slow dieoff, consistent with the Zeta explanation.On Jan 6, 2008 the argument connecting the dinosaur dieoff over millions of years with the ascent of disease carrying insects was made.

Meteorite Not Responsible for Dinosaurs' Extinction
Nov 17, 2004
A study conducted by researchers from the University of Princeton has revealed that dinosaurs that roamed the Earth some millions of years before mankind's evolution on this watery planet, did not get extinct due to the great meteorite impact earlier believed to be the sole cause of their extinction. According to ABC online, geologists carrying on excavations at the Chicxulub crater have claimed that dinosaurs suffered in two stages rather than one catastrophic impact at Chicxulub crater, the latter according to the experts having taken place nearly hundreds or thousands of years too early for their extinction, as much as 300,000 years before the mass die-off. The latest study presented at the annual meeting of the Geological Society of America, in effect completely pours water over the previous theory that the meteorite impact at the crater was the "smoking gun" for the annihilation of nearly 70% of living species at the Cretaceous-Tertiary (or the K-T) boundary, 65 million years ago.
Did mozzies, not a meteor, do for the dinosaurs?
January 6, 2008
Disease-carrying mosquitoes could have killed off dinosaurs instead of a cataclysmic comet. The theory goes that dinosaurs were wiped out after an asteroid smashed into the Earth 65million years ago. But now it has been suggested they were sent into eternity by an equally catastrophic but somewhat smaller threat - biting insects. Disease spread by mosquitoes, mites and ticks was probably the major factor that finished off the reptiles, say scientists.