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On Aug 20, 2003 the Zetas hinted that orbits were Not Sacred and could halt or be retarded. The Earth and Planet X were approaching each other on Dec 25, 2003, and on Dec 21, 2003 Homeland Security called their second level Orange for the year. As 2004 passed, the Orbit irregularities showed the orbit indeed halted, the Earth tilted and in a wobble due to the close presence of Planet X.

There will be evidence that the orbit of Earth is not proceeding as expected. As there is no gravitational pull on mankind from an orbit, during a slowing or even reversal in an orbit, mankind would be unaware of this. He is aware of the Earth’s orbit only from the movement of stars. Mankind’s gravity focus is the Earth itself. As long as the tilt of the Earth remained the same, based as it is on the Earth’s own rotation, there would be scant clues to orbit changes unless the days were abnormally long or short, the Sun rising and setting out of ordinary, and this would have to be extreme before the common man would even notice.
ZetaTalk: Sacred Orbits
Signs of the Times #562
Americans are warned [Dec 20] 'Officials across the United States responded to the decision on Sunday from the Department of Homeland Security to elevate the national terror alert level to orange, the second highest level. It is the fifth time that America has been put on orange alert since the colour-coded system was introduced after the 11 September attacks in 2001. Tom Ridge, the director of Homeland Security, repeated his message of Sunday that the country should be especially vigilant. He said the warning was based on information which indicated that attacks might be imminent. He did not specify the sources of the information or where the attacks could occur. Mr Ridge called on Americans to be extra vigilant but added: If you´ve got holiday plans, go.’ [Note: the last Code Orange was called just after May 16, after the Zetas gave dates for rotation slowing to a stop to be on May 20. Dec 25-30 is anticipated to be the next Sweeping Arm of the Sun.]
Signs of the Times #858
The May 19-23 Sweep was also accompanied by a documented Tilt/Lean. Photographic proof that the Earth is pulled about during these planetary encounters caused by the sweeping arms of the sun. These photos were taken on May 22 and May 24 respectively, at the same time of day as measured by the same clock, at 2:30 PM. Note that the change can be measured by the car parked to the right in one photo. The shadow moves at least two feet within a day!
Signs of the Times #953
The full moon set this morning, July 2, at 210° of compass here in Washington State. For those not familiar with these sorts of things, that heading is a mere 30° away from magnetic south! And just a scant few hours earlier, the full moon made it's daily appearance at 128° east, southeast. During the entire course of it's transit across the southern sky, it never rose more than 30° from the horizon. [Note: 15° too far SOUTH, for Moonset in Washington State] We must be changing directions with our wobble again. On Saturday night (July 3) at its orbital peak the moon was really low, not more than 35° above the southern horizon. Sunday night (July 4) it had swung back some, to about 45° above the southern horizon. And last night (July 5) it was about 50° above the horizon here in Mississippi. [Note: 15° too HIGH at orbital peak on July 5 in Mississippi.] Twirling? What does that mean? Why is the cold spot to the west of Hudson Bay the coldest spot on Earth? That’s not the N Pole. What point is pointing away from the Sun most of the day? Are we going to develop a wobble? Are we going to suddenly lurch about so that the Sun is rising and setting in a place way off from where the public would expect? This is in your future, folks, but we will not give you the date. [Note: ZetaTalk: Twirling Wobble predicted by the Zetas on May 25. Zetas RIGHT Again!]