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On Jan 15, 1997, ZetaTalk stated that a Crop Circle Video taken while a circle was being created was not a Fake, though loudly pronounced to be so. Later analysis by CAUS organization in Dec, 1999 showed video not to be a fake but genuine.

Oliver's Castle Video Revisited
Stunning Oliver's Castle Crop Circle Video Withstands Closest Analysis
CAUS, Dec 14, 1999

I assume most of you are familiar with the "Oliver Castle" video. The new information is to be found at the beginning of the film, in the first few seconds when the camera pulls back to show both of the fields and the hedgerows, before you see the two luminosities or balls of light enter the foreground from the right. By using computer enhancement (each frame 1/30th of a second), the analysis shows what appears to be a large luminosity (800 feet from camera) descend from the sky and change to a classic "flying saucer" shape as it disappears behind the large tree (20 feet across) at the left end of the far hedgerow at the top of the screen. This UFO cannot be seen on your TV, but after watching the analysis, I noticed a flash of light on the left side of the tree when the film is advanced frame by frame on a standard TV.

At this point the edge of the flat disc-like shape with a bulge in the middle, is seen poking out of the left side of the tree on the hedgerow, appearing to be solid and casting a shadow. This is not a "burmark," as it is below the scan line on the edge of the tape. Then you see a flash of light and ejection of a gas-like substance, out of which appears another ball of light or luminosity. This luminosity then races across the far field in and out of the crops and reappears as it crosses the first hedgerow to enter the foreground as the other two luminosities are exiting the screen to the top right. These two balls of light which have just flown around and over the "snowflake" design as it formed in the field, appear to return to the area where the large tree is hiding the UFO.

Then as this ball of light enters the front field to make it's way around the "snowflake" design, it appears to divide itself into two balls of light, in much the same way that the UFO captured on tape by Chris Martin (UK) is seen to split into two pieces and continue flying, as shown by Russel Callaghan in the film from Graham Birdsall's UFO Magazine, called "Hard Evidence-Vol.4". These two luminosities then fly around the "snowflake" design and also appear to return to the large tree at the far left end of the second hedgerow at the top of the screen where the UFO is seen hovering. So what this analysis suggests is that a UFO descended into the area and hid behind a large tree at the second hedgerow from the crop field where the "snowflake" formation appeared. Then it discharged two luminosities which first appeared on the "Oliver Castle" video, then discharged another ball of light which followed the other two and split itself into two luminosities on the second flyover around the "snowflake" design.

So here's the big question! If this "Oliver Castle" video was hoaxed on a computer, why add in luminosities that could not be seen on a standard TV system? Skeptics would argue that this analysis presented by the producers is the result of "computer artifacts", or simply put, just a case of looking too hard. Additional verification of this computer enhancement by independent labs would strengthen the case that there's more to this video than meets the unaided and untrained eye! ... Therefore, if this footage is indeed hoaxed, as many crop circle researchers claim, then whoever made it went to a great deal of trouble creating and animating objects which could not be seen on a standard television.

Here is a brief summary of our findings:

  1. The enhanced frames are consistent with the picture quality attained from a domestic camcorder.
  2. No evidence of 3-dimensional computer animation was detected on the video. The crop formation was considered 'genuine' by several experienced researchers.
  3. No strings or wires were detected.
  4. The 'flying saucer' object cannot be seen on a standard TV set.
  5. The luminosities or balls of light are no larger than a medium-sized beach ball. They travel at around 100 feet per second.