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In November, 1999 ZetaTalk stated that Bank Supports would be used to prevent a market crash or public awareness of instability, as long as possible. By September, 2000 evidence of this worldwide support effort among central banks supporting the Euro was reported. On March 23, 2006 the M3 indicator was changed to hide the source of the funds being dropped into the Treasury. This was to allow the US to begin printing money like a banana republic, as the Bush debt had no other way to continue to be funded. Thus technically the public could not tell if the M3 funds were from the House of Rothchild, bonds purchased by China, the US printing press, or the Wanta funds.

Major Central Banks Intervene to Shore up Ailing Euro
Associated Press, September 22, 2000
The European Central Bank and its U.S. and Japanese counterparts jointly intervened in the currency markets Friday in an attempt to shore up the ailing euro, the ECB announced. The ECB, the Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan acted because they were worried that the persistent weakness of the 11-nation European currency could hurt the global economy, the statement said. "On the initiative of the European Central Bank, monetary authorities of the United States and Japan joined with the European Central Bank in concerted intervention in exchange markets because of their shared concern about the potential implications of recent movements in the euro exchange rates for the world economy," the statement said. An ECB spokesman refused to give figures for what amount of euros the central banks bought or any other details of the intervention.
Federal Reserve Money Supply Report Is About To Fall Into The Abyss.
Dec 1, 2005
When Iran starts trading in petroeuros, the Fed will stop telling us how much money they're printing. In a little-noticed decision a few weeks ago, the Federal Reserve Board said it would stop publishing its weekly M3 money supply number as of next March, although it will continue to publish M0, M1, and M2. M3 is the broadest measure of how much money is circulating in the U.S. at any one time. Unlike M2, M3 is the big stuff, the super-size deposits. They know what's coming-massive amounts of dollar creation to fund the worsening trade and federal government budget deficits. The Fed, central banks, and other groups are informally known as the Plunge Protection Team. The reason the Fed will stop publishing weekly M3 totals is so that the Plunge Protection Team can hide its market manipulative equity-buying activities. The PPT is poised to buy stocks and do it secretly to stop the higher-than-normal probability that the market could crash. Because of the M3 numbers. We could see there was too much money being created. M3 was being pumped at three times the rate of growth of the Gross Domestic Product. Investors will be left more in the dark as to any secret rigging of the stock market. Is the economy closer to the brink than anyone realizes? Or is it politically expedient to goose markets? Do they see a catastrophe coming that will require hyperinflation to bail the US out? Maybe. Making large stock purchases secretly can be enough to spark a rally, and when the buying gets heavy, the PPT can get out at a nice profit before the market resumes a slide.