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On July 15, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that the TWA800 crash was caused by a missile fired by parties wanting to institute Marshall Law. By August 15, 2000 those hundred of citizens who observed this, and were being ignored, took out a full page ad in the Washington Times.

We Saw TWA 800 Shot Down By Missiles
Sightings.com, August 15, 2000
The Washington Times carried a full page ad from the TWA 800 Eyewitness Alliance demanding that they be heard. The ad claims that the FBI and NTSB have lied to the American public and that hundreds of people witnessed a missile shoot down Flight 800. It concludes: "We, the eyewitnesses know that missiles were involved. We don't know who launched them, but we know that for some reason our government has lied and tried to discredit all of us to keep that question from being addressed." ... "The claim that our evidence is worthless is false and we want to know who is behind it. Hundreds of us saw what happened. The FBI, the CIA and the NTSB must not be allowed to get away with this cover-up by defamation of the eyewitnesses. We appeal to those who know why this is being done to share their information with us. Confidentiality is guaranteed.
TWA Flight 800 Crash not due to Gas Tank Explosion, Former Investigators say
June 19, 2013

The producers of an upcoming documentary on TWA Flight 800—which exploded and crashed into the waters off Long Island, N.Y., on July 17, 1996, killing all 230 people on board—claim to have proof that a missile caused the Paris-bound flight to crash. And six former investigators who took part in the film say there was a cover-up and want the case reopened. Jim Speer, an accident investigator at the time of the crash for the Airline Pilots Association, who sifted through the recovered wreckage in a hangar, said he discovered holes consistent with those that would be formed by a high-energy blast in the right wing. He requested it be tested for explosives. When the test came back positive, he said, he was "physically removed" from a room by two CIA agents.