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On Mar 15, 1999 ZetaTalk stated in the 1999 Predictions that fisheries would be affected by warmer oceans, and harvests reduced. On July 20, 2000 such loss in North Sea harvest began to be reported.

Overfishing and Global Warming Land Cod on Endangered List
By Paul Brown, Environmental Correspondent, July 20, 2000

Cod stocks in the North Sea are down to one-tenth of the level 30 years ago. The catch used to be 250,000 tonnes a year but the maximum permitted cod catch this year under EU rules is 34,301 tonnes, but even this seems far too high. Catches to July 13 were 13,305 tonnes - so low because fishermen, even with radar and sophisticated satellite tracking equipment, just cannot find the fish. The plight of the once numerous fish has not been helped by changes in water temperature in the North Sea which has increased up to 3C. Cod prefers cold water and the rise in temperature, which some ascribe to global warming, has damaged cod's ability to spawn. But no one doubts that overfishing is the primary cause of the fish's decline.

Complete Collapse of North Atlantic Fishing Predicted
New Scientist, Feb, 2002