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On July 15, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that an incident in Varginha, Brazil was designed by the aliens who allowed the crash to occur to be similar to the Roswell incident, to further the Awakening. Subsequent reports coming forth from Brazil document the similarity of the two incidents.

Brazil Goes Nuts Over Aliens
Fortean Times, Issue 90

As the Chupacabras phenomenon goes into decline, the hottest UFO story of the moment from South America is the rumour that a number of aliens have been recovered from a crashed UFO by military authorities in Brazil followed by a bungled cover-up. Different accounts have proliferated (mainly through the Internet) but details are emerging of an event that might well match the Roswell case in its complexity, scale and importance. John Carpenter, director of MUFON Southwest and a founding member of ISCNI told FT that he was impressed by what he has learned so far. "There are at least 35 first-hand witnesses to the presence of the strange beings. This includes audiotaped interviews with several military participants. There is the possibility of a UFO crash, but there is little doubt about the existence of five or six strange beings resembling a cross between the Little Greys and the Chupacabras. Some were shot or died, others captured alive," he said.

According to a press release dated 9 June - issued by A. J. Gevaerd, editor of a UFO magazine and president of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research - the story begins on the afternoon of 20 January this year near the city of Varginha, in the Central Brazilian state of Minas Gerais, when three young girls observed a strange creature in a field near their home. From a few meters away, they saw the creature squatting behind an old garage, apparently gasping in pain. When it made a slight movement, they fled as though from the devil. Although the girls saw no UFO, an elderly couple did claim later to have seen, earlier that morning, a grey, submarine-like object that silently skimmed the ground. The girls - two sisters and a friend - were interviewed by Dr Ubiraja Franco Rodrigues and Vitorio Pacaccini, two veteran ufologists who happened to live in the vicinity. They were quickly convinced by the description given by the unsophisticated witnesses that it was extraterrestrial. Its hairless body was not more than five feet tall and dark brown, as though it had oil on its skin. It had two large, red, pupil-less eyes, a small mouth and nose and a big, brown head with three rather rounded horns. It also smelled; the mother of the sisters testifying to the strange odour that still lingered at the site when she visited it.

Rodrigues and Pacaccini located other residents of Varginha who had seen strange beings in the area and, at the same time, unusually intense military activity. A military informant told them that the town Fire Department had been asked, early that morning, to capture a strange animal. On seeing it, they called the nearest army base, the Escola Sargentos de Armas in the neighbouring city of Tres Coracoes. Using nets, the unknown creature was finally caught, placed in a box and driven away on an army truck. The commander, Lieutenant Colonel Olimpio Wanderley Santos, then declared it a "secret operation". Nevertheless, the investigators were able to gather testimony from several military personnel. They spoke of the capture of a second creature - possibly the one seen by the girls - later that night. This second creature, apparently similar to the first, was taken to the Regional General Hospital of Varginha for a few hours before being transferred to the better equipped Humanitas Hospital. After two days, according to the story, the creature died and was removed at night by 'S2' military intelligence officers. Anyone who saw the creature, it seems, was warned not to talk, especially to the press and UFO researchers.

The intrepid investigators somehow learned that the aliens (dead or alive) were taken to a military facility in Campinas in the state of Sao Paulo, about 200 miles from Varginha. It is also alleged that one was autopsied at the University of Campinas by Dr Badan Palhares, a distinguished pathologist who came to the world's attention, about 10 years ago, for his autopsy on the infamous Nazi doctor Mengele. Inevitably, Palhares and other named authorities have strenuously denied any involvement in such an affair. Press and TV journalists have joined ufologists in a six-month-long hunt for information about the fate of the two aliens, giving full scope for conspiracy theorists and resulting in regular revisions of the number of witnesses and their stories, including the number of aliens. The latest version claims that five ETs were flushed out of hiding in the Jardim Andere, a park on the north side of Varginha.