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icon Marianna Guanter

Marianna Guanter is channeling several types of aliens (seems so, I'm not quite sure, maybe she is a clairvoyant). I found her message at the German Magazin 2000. She talks about Nibiru, causing the pole shift ! I translated a bit.

Offered by Niels.

Like the pressure in the interior of the Earth is getting stronger and stronger by atomic explosions, so the pressure from outside will appear stronger. Volcanoes have the function of a valve. Without them your Earth would burst. India has just triggered what will lead to a worldwide chain reaction. The pressure will release around the whole globe to prevent that the planet, which has been lurching for some time, performs the pole shift untimely.

The actual cause for the above mentioned new alignment of the Earth' axis will be the often quoted Nibiru, which already has set its course toward Earth and which has already been sighted by your scientists. Its speed matches the prevailing oscillation on the surface of the Earth. You know that prayers increase the oscillation, and you also know that simultaneous concentrating on something together releases even more energy and can change things.