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On Oct 15, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that Chinese Pyramids were built by the same 12th Planet hominoids who erected the Giant Pyramids and other such structures around the world. Works by Hartwig Hausdorf confirm this.

The Chinese Pyramids - An Extraterrestrial Legacy
by Hartwig Hausdorf

According to ancient Chinese legend, over one hundred pyramids discovered in China are the legacy of extraterrestrial visitors. At the turn of the century, two Australian traders happened upon a vast area in the plains of Qin Chuan, Central China. There they discovered over one hundred pyramids. When they asked the custodian of a local monastery about them, they were told that, according to records housed in the monastery, the pyramids were said to be "very old". Since the records were themselves over 5,000 years old, one can only guess at the age of the pyramids themselves. The traders were told that the pyramids belonged to an age when the "old emperors" reigned in China, and that the emperors always stressed the fact that they did not originate on Earth. Rather they were the descendants of the "sons of heaven, who roared down to this planet on their fiery metallic dragons". The traders were told that the pyramids had been built by visitors from outer space.

Forbidden Zones
In March 1994 I visited China myself. I traveller to the 'forbidden zones' surrounding the city of Xian in Central China, Shensi Province, where I found 6 of the legendary pyramids. When I returned in October 1994, I took a video camer with me, and shot around 18 minutes of footage. When watching the footage at home later, checking the zoom sequences, I could see more pyramids in the background. To date, I have counted over 100 pyramids in an area of 2,000 square kilometres! Some of these pyramids are now in quite poor condition, largely due to being plundered by local farmers and residents. The pyramids are generally made of clay and earth, not stone, and some farmers took it upon themselves to take the material for their fields and homesteads. It is a shame, but that´s the way it is.

I have had great difficulty in getting permission to continue my investigation of these astonishing artefacts. The Chinese government are very protective of them, and do not allow excavations. The only information I have managed to glean came from a Chinese archaeologist called Professor Xia Nai, who said that any excavations would be the work of the next generation of Chinese scientists. Already the Chinese government have planted fast-growing conifers on the pyramids, so that in twenty years time they will be able to say: "What pyramids? They are just natural hills with trees growing on them". I am left to wonder what it is they are trying to cover up.

The Great White Pyramid
All the pyramids I know of are situated in the Qin Chuan plains, and differ in size from between 25 to 100 metres in height. All except one, that is. To the north, in the valley of Qin Lin, lies what has become known as the Great White Pyramid. It is immense, approximately 300 metres in height (1000 feet)! I would say this is the mother of all Chinese pyramids. Another interesting point about the Great White Pyramid, and perhaps the reason the Chinese government refused me permission to go there, is this. In the immediate vicinity the Chinese government have built a launch pad for their space program, and of course, the area is sealed off to all foreigners. The Chinese are even more paranoid than the Americans, I think!

The Mexico Connection
As you can see from the photogragphs, the Chinese pyramids are very similar to those found in Mesoamerica (Mexico, Guatemala, etc).When I first discovered the Chinese pyramids I was immediately in mind of other pyramids I had seen in the jungles of the Yucatan. When these mexican pyramids were first discovered, they too were covered with vegetation, and looked identical to the pyramids in the Qin Chuan plains. The resembalnce is truly astonishing. Perhaps they were built by the same "sons of heaven"?

At present I am on the trail of another amazing mystery in China. In an area of Central China, not all that far from the Qin Chuan pyramids, I have learned of some people who are supposedly living descendants of alien forefathers. I plan to go there either later this year or next, and if I discover any extraterrestrials hanging out there, I promise I will let you know.

Finally I would like to bring to your attention the work of a prominent author from Vienna, Peter Krassa. He has written two excellent books about alien traces in China, the first published in 1974, the second in 1984. Peter accompanied me to Qin Chuan in March 1994, and co-authored my second book, Satelitten der Gotter (Satellites of the Gods). Unfortunately this book is not yet published in Britain. Previously published in UFO Reality issue 3 aug/sept 1996.