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On July 15, 1996 ZetaTalk stated that the MJ12 Documents released were only half truths and would be discredited in time. On Jan 28, 2000 this was reported by Sprynet.

Research Synopsis On The Majestic Documents
By Timothy S. Cooper, Jan 28, 2000

In as much as the controversy surrounding the authenticity of the Majestic documents has generated in the last fifteen years among researchers, much evidence in the form of officially released documents through the Freedom of Information Act has either been ignored, or viewed as uninteresting by ufologists. In this synopsis, I argue the theory that FOIA documents in the public domain are the remnants of a high level UFO intelligence and psychological warfare program of the United States Government which began in 1946 and the Majestic documents reflect what might be a overt part of such a program. I also present documented proof that General Walter B.Smith, Director of Central Intelligence was the first DCI to preside over and coordinate all intelligence collection and dissemination functions of the U.S. intelligence community where UFO's played into psychological and intelligence operations in protecting U.S. strategic interests.

Contrary to popular belief, a coordinated program of UFO intelligence collection between the military and central intelligence began with General Hoyt S. Vandenberg in 1946 and was never properly implemented during Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter's tenure as first Director of the Central Intelligence Agency due to the infighting between RHH and the Intelligence Advisory Board (IAB) dominated by high level military intelligence and State Department officials and did not begin until WBS was appointed DCI in October 1950. Also, given the fact that there may have been more than one Majestic project operating at two different levels, one conducted by the State Department and another by the CIA, it is possible that what researchers have studied is a hybrid mixture of both.

I propose that the questionable documents known as Majestic or MJ-12 are extrapolations from covert and overt intelligence and psychological material that may have once existed but have long since been absorbed into today's unacknowledged black programs and are now gone forever. In summary, the Majestic documents are, in all probability, an attempt by an informed person(s) to reconstruct for researchers a historical narrative based on non-existent and authentic documents supported by published facts with classic disinformation techniques in what is termed in counterintelligence parlance as "gray" intelligence. The question of whether they are genuine, authentic or real is not the issue here. The important point to keep in mind, as I believe, is the information contained in the documents themselves. For in these documents and the FOIA material already released, and the published facts contain the answers we all seek. The truth may be found in our individual perceptions.