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Prior to July, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that Cattle Mutilations were done to by human hand, but assisted by aliens - a combined team intent on terrifying humanity about the alien presence. A historical overview of Mutilations supports this.

Cattle Mutilation, from Paranormal.About.COM

Cattle Mutilation Phenomena refers to thousands of cases in North America where cattle have been found mutilated under abnormal circumstances. The cows are found dead (although the cause of death is undetermined), exsanguinated (all their blood has been removed), and have had certain organs surgically removed from their bodies. Often their reproductive and rectal organs have been removed. Abnormally high radiation levels have been detected near the dead animals when they are found, and scavengers will not touch the carcass. There are no footprints leading to or from the cows. There is evidence (clamp marks on the animals' legs) that the cattle were taken from their habitats and mutilated elsewhere. Sightings of UFOs and strange, unmarked, black helicopters coincide with most cattle mutilation cases.

The phenomena began in the Fall of 1973, when farmers in Minnesota and Kansas reported mutilated cattle. The circumstances surrounding the deaths were different then anything the local police had ever investigated. At this time, the blame for the mutilations was placed on Satanic cults. Soon, reports of cattle mutilations spread throughout the Midwest United States and even into Canada. Paranoia and speculation about the deaths ran rampant. By the late 1970s, four main theories about the mutilation cases had emerged:

  1. The blame was to be placed on Satanic cults and ritual sacrifices.
  2. The deaths were a result of intelligence agency secret projects involving chemical weapons testing.
  3. Mass hysteria had blown simple cow deaths out of proportion.
  4. Extraterrestrial experiments were to blame.

Police agencies in Alberta, Idaho, Montana, and Iowa did link some mutilation cases to satanic cults. However, police investigating this theory found little supporting evidence and often ran into dead ends.

Evidence has been found to support this theory. Black, unmarked, helicopters with tinted windows and powerful searchlights are often seen during a cattle mutilation wave. Evidence at the scene of a mutilation suggest that the cattle were taken elsewhere by air, mutilated, and then dropped back near to where they were taken. A number of mutilations revealed that the cows may have died from a simple cattle virus, but nothing experimental. It is very unlikely that all the mutilations were simple deaths blown out of proportion. There is much evidence to support the fact that these incidents were indeed extraordinary. The U.S. Government has expended thousands of dollars to investigation agencies to look into this phenomena. The fourth hypothesis is very interesting and has much supporting evidence. UFOs are usually seen in the vicinity of cattle mutilations, and cattle are deathly afraid of them (i.e. they have been noted as stampeding and bellowing when in the presence of a UFO). Cattle mutilations often occur in UFO Hotspots such as Northern New Mexico, and near Area 51, Nevada. Two separate alien abductees have reported, under regressive hypnosis, seeing cattle taken into the alien craft and mutilated.

The cattle mutilation phenomena claimed the lives of over 10,000 head of cattle by 1979. Areas such as New Mexico had been especially 'hit' hard. It is a phenomena that has haunted and terrified ranchers, investigators, and many others all over North America. The purpose of these grotesque and strange occurrences still remains a mystery. Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Alabama, Puerto Rico, Canada, and as far away as South America, have been home to such mutilations. Speculation that it is the work of secret US government groups or (paramilitary or spy) Satanic cults therefore seem too far fetched. Surely the US government would have their own stock of cows for an experiment of this nature. Satanic cults would need to have enormous resources to carry out this type of operation throughout the world. Ranchers have witnessed strange, unmarked black helicopters fly over their herds where they will later find mutilated cattle. Some have even witnessed strange lights in the night sky previous to finding bodies. There are those who believe that the mutilations are occurring as a random radiation test by extraterrestrial visitors whose purpose is to safeguard humanity against nuclear annihilation.

Rancher C. E. Potts found one of his prize bulls alongside of the road one summer afternoon in 1990 ,late July. "We were passing down this road, and there was a thunderstorm a coming up behind us. We smelled this animal as we come by. We came back to check on it, and found it was mutilated. We examined it and its sexual organs was taken out. Its eyes were taken out, and its eyelashes were taken out. Well, there wasn't no predators. Not a predator bothered it since it was dead even. Couldn't have been killed by a predator cause all the surgical work was done by an expert. I really didn't think anything of it till it come home to me. Now I know it was bound to have been mutilated cause anyone who could see good could tell it was, Mr. Potts remembered. Also observed is the additional removal of at least one (1) eyeball, the utters on the female are most always removed and the sexual organs on both sexes are also most always removed. All organ removal and incisions are done with surgical precision, and in some cases the evidence of cauterization along the incision lines has led investigators to believe the use of some sort of high heat cutting device has been administered, suggesting the strong possibility of a laser. Bones were also clearly cut with no bone fragments around the cut. UFOs and strange "Black"unmarked helicopters have been linked with these mutilations since they have been sighted at the same time in the same area where the mutilated bovines have been found. Equally disturbing, is the fact that there has never been a conviction of any human accused of committing such a cruel and hideous act. Some may ask, "If done by UFOs, why would they be interested in cattle ?" And the answer to that may lie in the fact that cattle blood is so similar to humans that it is regularly used in the lab to create human blood plasma. Indicating the aliens may be studying the cattle, to find out more about us!

Various incisions would also be found on the body that were so clear cut that they would have had to have been done with some sort of laser technology that we didn't have when the mutilations started (before 1970). Bones were also clearly cut with no bone fragments around the cut. The bodies would be missing various parts which had also shown to have been removed with accurate precision. UFOs have been linked with these mutilations since they have been sighted at the same time in the same area where the mutilated bodies have been found. Mutilations are differentiated from accidental or predatory death for several reasons. Chief among them is the manner in which the flesh has been removed from the body. Cauterization (the fusing of tissue and blood vessels by heat or chemical means) seems to be typical of mutilations. Unlike animal attack, the flesh, adjoining the area where it has been removed, is smooth and clean as if cut with a searing or laser scalpel. As well, the areas chosen for removal are quite strange. Mainly the sexual, anterior digestive tract and sensory organs are affected.(No predator differentiates so precisely). Still, no tracks of any kind can be found around the mutilation site, except, sometimes, tripod marks. Also, no carrion eaters will touch the mutilated cow even though it has plenty of flesh still left to be eaten.