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In October, 1995 ZetaTalk stated that Newton's Laws in Ephemerides are inaccurate, Contradictions exist, and the Dark Ages are still with us; in March, 1998 due to an expanding Universe discovery, Newton came under attack.

Anti-gravity surprises astronomers

Except for gravity that attracts mass towards mass, on a cosmic scale another force exists that pushes bodies away from each other. That is what American and Australian astronomers conclude in Science of February 27th, 1998. 'If it's not some kind of sneaky effect, than history of the universe has to be re-written', Adam Reiss of the universe of California says. 'My own reaction is that of amazement and terror', Brian Schmidt, spokesman of the investigation-team, says. 'Amazed because I never expected this, terror because I know most astronomers will never believe it.'

Cosmologist Dr. Peter Katgert of the Leiden observatory, an expert in measurements of the expansion of the universe, is for that reason careful about the information in Science. 'The team can say they eliminated all errors, but that is for others to decide.' The Britain astronomer Sir Martin Rees reacted with resignation to the new results. 'If on a cosmic scale Newton's law isn't valid anymore, we just have to accept that', he says, 'maybe the universe isn't that simple as we want it to be.'

Rangel I. Kolessin, Ph.D., Sofia, Bulgaria
The Secret of Creation - Scientific extract
The Existence of an Expanding Universe is Possible Only at a Constant, Sub-Critical Density of Matter

In the presence of gravitation, uniform expansion of the Universe by inertia is impossible. The gravity compulsory imposes a deceleration! This rule is irrevocable. However it is well known that galaxies at the periphery of the Universe run away with rates near to the speed of light. There are no symptoms of any deceleration after many billions of years gravitational activity! How to understand that? Since an eternal uniform inertial motion in the presence of a constraining force is impossible, the only alternative is: The motion is not inertial! Obviously the action of the gravity is suppressed by another force. Of course, this unknown force is not just equal to the gravity in order to support the uniformity of the motion. There is no reason for such a demand. It is more reasonable that this force is considerably bigger, and the motion it causes is an accelerated motion.